Miami Lose Ja’Wuan James

Image result for Ja'Wuan James

Right tackle Ja’Wuan James is on the move as the Denver Broncos have offered him a four-year deal worth 52 million dollars (32 million guaranteed) making him the highest-paid right tackle in the league earning over 13 million a year.

Once again this shows that the Dolphins have a limit and as much as they wanted to re-sign Ja’Wuan James they decide to let him go as the Denver Broncos is willing to overpay for his services. (They Really wanted him)

This creates another hole in the rebuilding Dolphins roster because now they will need to look at filling that position as well either through free agency or the draft and being that the Dolphins are in rebuild mode they’re not going to overspend.

I’m sad to see Ja’Wuan James leave I had hoped that the Dolphins would be able to keep him on board. I am in total agreement of not overpaying for anybody (our own or outside free agents) as much as I like James he’s not worth being paid as the highest right tackle in the NFL.

Time to move on!

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