Which Allen Is Miami Looking For?

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The Dolphins first move in the 2019 season was to sign veteran TE Dwayne Allen to a two-year 7 million dollar contract. It is a good price for the talented veteran TE especially considering what they are getting.

The question is what are they looking for from Allen the play maker in Indy or the blocking TE that helped NE in their pass pro?

Allen brings the versatility at the Tight End position where he can do both things (Block and Receive) well. And that above all is the most important quality he brings to the table.

The Dolphins have the luxury of using him in any way as he is a complete rounded out veteran tight end and the more I think about this signing the more I like it.

Make no mistake about it in New England Dwayne Allen proved he was an unselfish player and did what they asked him to do in support of the team first mentality something that ranks high on coach Flores list, but I’m pretty sure that Dwayne Allen would love to have been able to do more than just blocking as  Pro Bowl tight end Rob Gronkowski who got the much deserve accolades that came with that position.

Dwayne Allen is a good tight end and his numbers in Indy (126 receptions, 1,451 yards and 19 TD’s) shows he has ability to be a number one tight end and the starter for the Dolphins this upcoming season it all depends on what the Dolphins are looking for him to do.

As of now its going to be hard to say what they’re looking for from Dwayne Allen because I have no clue what this offense is going to be.

Are they going to be similar to New England and have Dwayne Allen become a blocking tight end, by the way Dwayne Allen is an excellent blocking tight end or are they looking for Dwayne Allen to come in and be that number one tight end who can not only block but also catch the ball and potentially even be a red zone threat.

As of now only the Dolphins know what they want to do with Dwayne Allen but in time we’ll all get a better idea at what they are looking to do with Dwayne Allen.

I for one hope that they use him more like Indianapolis did but also with the benefits that he brought to New England’s offense as well.

I would like to wish Dwayne Allen the best and welcome to Miami and I look forward to seeing him on the field in 2019.

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