20-25 Roster Spots Should Be Open

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(Winds Of Change Is On The Horizon)

Continuing on the theme of rebuilding instead of TANKING, I see the Dolphins potentially having a lot of openings in the near future on the roster that they will be looking to fill through free agency, the draft and undrafted free agents to complete this roster, so I’m thinking about half of the roster being turned over between 20 and 25 spots that will be up for grabs.

How can the Dolphins managed to fill all those spots? One way would be by bringing in as many young inexpensive free agents as possible because any experience in the NFL is better than none, the young players in free agency this year that come at a reasonable price should be on the Dolphins radar.

The Dolphins are in rebuild mode so they will be looking to turn up the roster by adding more young talented players starting with free agency, then the NFL draft in April and next week they’ll be going to the combines and weighing and measuring and poking and prodding these kids with the hope of finding the next Superstar.

If the Dolphins are truly interested in rebuilding this team they should be looking to trade down and acquire more picks, the only way they would try to trade up is if they want their QB of the future now. (See My 7 Round Mock Draft) acquiring as many picks as they can is what teams that are rebuilding does and hopefully Miami will try to do just that.

I would love to have the expertise of a Jimmy Johnson on board because that’s one thing he was good at acquiring a lot of pics and out of all those pics somebody was going to stick that’s the way he drafted players like Jason Taylor,  Sam Madison, Patrick Surtain and the Zach Thomas’s of the world thanks to Jimmy Johnson’s excellent strategy of drafting.

I’m looking for the Dolphins to be in the trade market there are quite a few players on the current roster that they can trade for future picks as well. Even though I am opposed to getting rid of any young star player such as Xavien Howard or Laremy Tunsil or even a Ja’Wuan James because the Dolphins need to add to the young talent and not take away but they have a lot of aging veteran players that still have something left in the tank and can bring trade value especially to some of these contending teams that are looking to add that one player to get them over the top. Players like Robert Quinn, Cameron Wake, Andre Branch, Kiko Alonso and others that can bring some trade value as we purge the roster of veteran players.

This is a year where being a veteran player might not be good if you’re a Dolphins player as a fire sale is ahead, hopefully we can get something back in return and my attitude is the more draft picks the better so as we approach the beginning of the new season in early March look for the Dolphins to find ways to acquire more pics and bringing younger veteran players to mesh along with the 25 or so current young players we have on this roster.

Now is the time to focus on the various moves that I would do so I should be looking into the free agency market as well as reviewing my my 7 Round Mock Draft  and seeing if I can enhance or improve on it ultimately coming up with the ideal solution to turn in this Dolphins team around If Only They would listen to me.


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