Dummies Not Allowed?

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Former Dallas Cowboys and Miami Dolphins head coach Jimmy Johnson said “hit me in the head with a hammer the next time I take a dumb guy” It seems that is the way the Dolphins are headed as they rebuild their roster, it’s more about the right kind of players as opposed to maybe the best athletes.

The players they are looking for must love the game, fit a certain prototypical (Size, Height, Weight) and more importantly have a certain level of intelligence (I.E.) Football IQ.

One of the biggest complaints and problems former head coach Adam Gase had was players who did not learn the playbook there are only two reasons why this would be the case either they did not devote the time (Lazy) or they were not smart enough to grasp the information (Dummies). I’m pretty sure that was the underlying case for quite a few players on this roster and you will quickly realize who they are as this team moves forward.

There are exceptions to every rule and this team can’t be full of highly intelligent nerds that lack the other qualities needed to produce a winning team like toughness, dedication, selflessness and what has been preached from the top “TEAM FIRST” attitude.

After putting up the past three seasons with a team lacking any kind of identity it will be a pleasant change to see them establish a true identity. It’s time to get back to a team that is TOUGH, ATHLETIC and SMART!

Miami’s Defensive coordinator is an Ivy League Grad (Yale) and “he will demand that his players be extremely smart” so look out you dummies because there is no place in Miami for you.

The one position that it is imperative that the player is cerebral is the Quarterback he must be able to understand the entire game offensive and defensively and the ones who gets the mastery of the TOTAL game is invaluable to any team. So moving forward look for players that fit that mode Love for the game, Athletic, Selfless but most of all SMART!

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