Playing Chess Without The Queen


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For all you chest players out there you know the Queen is the most powerful piece on the chessboard, she is often the target of the opponents attack as the ultimate goal toward  capturing the most important piece the King. It’s a great feeling to capture the Queen early in the game due to a foolish or stupid move or mistake.

I thought of this analogy when thinking about our Miami Dolphins because that’s basically what we’ve been doing, playing without the Queen ever since Dan Marino retired. We’ve had quite a few Pawns, a Bishops or two but our game has been devoid of the Queen going on 20 + years now.

It’s time the Dolphins management do everything within their power to get and keep that vary important piece on the roster. The Quarterback (AKA Queen)!

With just signing our new head coach to a 5 year contract (much to my pleasure) the Dolphins have very little time to waste! How many years will it take for the next rookie Quarterback we draft to get it?

Now that we have Brian Flores and his new coaching staff it’s time that the Dolphins not only acquire a Queen but protect our Queen, I’m not talking about the year 2020, I’m talking about 2019 as the year the Dolphins should be looking to draft their future Quarterback.

The coaches that Brian Flores has added to his staff are ones that will be soon called upon as teams next year will be looking to poach or at least interview some of these very qualified coaches on his staff.

So now is the time, the Dolphins need to have a BOLD plan in place to make whatever moves they need to TRADE UP IN THE DRAFT and select the QB that they have identified to be the future of this franchise.

That would be a BOLD move rarely done by past management teams as they have for the most part played it safe and what has playing it safe gotten Miami these past 20+ years? Batting .500!!!!

The Dolphins have enough ammunition and players of value to make a BOLD move to trade up in the Draft getting the right Queen on board would greatly increase Miami’s win percentage and excite a fan base more than anything except actually winning games and looking like a true contender in the NFL as a young upstart team with a bright future.

The Rams, Chiefs, Browns, Eagles, Ravens, Jets and Bills all have made moves to have their future QB’s in place and most of them have shown some promise.

When you don’t have the Queen in your Chess Game your chances of losing is greatly increased that is why she is protected and is the strongest piece to protect the King. The same is true when it comes to NFL teams if you don’t have that most powerful piece in place on your team you have almost no shot of going to the Super Bowl or even making the playoffs. That is why Miami have been so poorly represented in the playoffs over these past 20 years and until they land that QUEEN we might as well be playing checkers.

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