Ryan Tannehill’s Future Home?

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Many expect the Dolphins to move on from Ryan Tannehill our starting quarterback the past 7 seasons. I too expect a move to be made so where might Ryan Tannehill end up next year? I put together a list of teams that should be in search of their next QB and who might look to upgrade by taking Ryan Tannehill as well as the probability of it happening.

Washington Redskins:

The Player I likened Ryan Tannehill to is a poor mans version of Alex Smith the veteran Quarterback of the Washington Redskins who suffered a devastating and potentially career ending injury that has left the Redskins reeling.

They have an expensive Quarterback  who will most likely miss the entire 2019 season and the cost to the Redskins is just about as devastating as the leg injury Smith has suffered. Can the Redskins find a way out of their situation and make a move to get Ryan Tannehill?

It will be a very difficult thing and most likely the Redskins best option is a cheap fix and that would be to draft a Quarterback start him and groom him for a potential replacement if in case Alex Smith is done.

A way it can work is if the Dolphins and the Redskins convince Tannehill that his best option to start is in Washington and if he is willing to reduce his salary demands a trade can be made and a win/win for all involved. As the Redskins are currently between a rock and a hard place.

Probability for Tannehill 60%


Jacksonville Jaguars 

The Jaguars are almost in the same boat as the Dolphins, strapped with a veteran Quarterback that has worn out their welcome with the team and fans, with a hefty salary due that both teams feel is not advantageous they are looking to part ways with Blake Bortles and truth told Ryan is an upgrade but can they afford to make a deal as the Jaguars are also much like Miami cash strapped.

Jacksonville will be in the market for a Quarterback and the leading quarterback on the market is most likely in many people’s minds Nick Foles but Nick will be looking to get paid and some team will be foolish enough to think Nick is the answer if the Jags can find a way to make it happen they will but Ryan Tannehill just might be a more reasonable option as they are looking for a veteran stop-gap QB while they too look to the draft to get their potential franchise QB.

Probability for Tannehill 35%


Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals are another team that just might be looking to move on from their veteran QB that has worn out his welcome and for Tannehill this might be good news because there is some familiarity between the newly hired head coach Zac Taylor and Ryan Tannehill as Zac Taylor was a subject of an article written a few years back on the Dolphin Seer as he was hired to be the QB coach for Ryan much to my displeasure as you can read in this article

The Bengals will also be looking for a veteran replacement as this will be the year of musical chairs for quite a few veteran QB’s in the league and despite the new coach saying he is behind Dalton the Bengals just might find that Tannehill would be a better veteran transitional QB for the team than Andy.

Probability for Tannehill 35%


Denver Broncos

The Bronco’s are another team in need of an upgrade or serious competition at the Quarterback position as Case Keenum had a disappointing season sending John Elway on the search for a replacement and rumor has it Elway is smitten with Drew Lock to the point where many think he will try to trade up in the draft to get the 2019 Draft prospect.

Ryan Tannehill would be at best very good competition and most likely an upgrade over Case Keenum and despite no indications of any interest the Dolphins should reach out to every team that is seeking help at the Quarterback position to see if they are willing to give up a mid-round draft pick for the embattled veteran quarterback.

Probability  for Tannehill 25%


Just before posting this article the Broncos have reportedly made a trade with the Ravens  for Joe Flacco that would leave Ryan with a 0% chance of landing in Denver.


Oakland Raiders

It is no secret Jon Gruden is not enamored with Derek Carr but he does not hate him and will despite looking to upgrade hang onto Carr until he has a better option. I find it strange that teams tend to shy away from legitimate competition at the Quarterback position because I feel it will elevate the play of both.

It was rumored former Dolphins coach Joe Philbin wanted to draft Derek Carr as he was not that high on Ryan Tannehill and as Carr’s play has dwindled I think it would be a sight to see these two go at it in training camp.

Once again I have no knowledge of any reports of interest from the Raiders towards Tannehill but they are looking to upgrade and there is no better way than to bring in legitimate competition and let them go at it and the outcome can be that the loser will still be good trade bait for another Quarterback needy team looking to upgrade or replace an injured starter.

Probability for Tannehill 20%


New York Giants

Here is another team that is strapped with a veteran QB that for many have worn out his welcome as the Giants are in need of change but it is not as easy as the other teams that are looking to move on because the Giants have the “OTHER” Manning Eli, who was never as good as his brother but Eli posses two Superbowl rings a fact he can boast about later in years with his older brother. Make no mistake about it Eli is as average as it gets and much like Ryan I feel its all about his personality for if Eli were more like his brother (personality wise) I feel he would have been a G.O.A.T type QB.

When all is said and done Eli will go down as a good QB who never really took his game to another level consistently.

The Giants are also looking for a QB in the draft and they might feel it would be wise to make a change and move on from Manning. I am not sure if Ryan is an upgrade and unless they get Nick Foles they just might hang on to Eli for one last season.

Probability for Tannehill 20%


New York Jets

The Jets are not looking for a Quarterback because they drafted what they hope is their future QB Sam Darnold and he has shown some promise. The reason why I have them listed is because they hired ex-head coach and QB guru Adam Gase an avid Tannehill supporter to his demise.

The role that Ryan might find himself best suited for is a backup QB and that is a role that maybe both Ryan and the Jets looking to upgrade their backup QB position might find suitable.

Probability for Tannehill 15%


Miami Dolphins

Dare I say it? Can the Dolphins find that through their search for a transition QB as they pursue Drafting the future at QB within the next two years (Hopefully this year) that there are no better options than Ryan?

I hope not! 7 years have been enough and a Divorce is not only immanent it is truly needed for both parties yes this is a no fault divorce but it needs to happen no matter what.

I just had to explore this option and even though I like Ryan it’s time to move on!!!!

Probability for Tannehill 15%

The reality is that there is not much of a market for Tannehill because the teams looking to replace their QB’s most likely do not feel that Ryan is a significant upgrade. But change sometimes can be therapeutic for both the team and their fans. So one of these teams might just see Ryan as a better stop-gap option as they look to the draft for their future QB.

The Dolphins will do their due diligence and seek to trade Ryan but I am not confident they will find any takers and thus the Dolphins will most likely have to release Ryan to move on from the embattled QB.

If/When he is released there will be teams that will contact him and he won’t have a problem finding a job he will have to lower his contract demands and just might find the only option is a back up role for some team not named Miami!

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