A Big Purge On The Way?

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It’s truly hard to read what the Dolphins will do this off season amidst rumors of tanking, trading Xavien Howard, letting Ja’Wuan James get away and basically not being a player in free agency.

After years of thinking they were CLOSE to being a contender and approaching past off seasons with that belief the Dolphins have squandered money on free agents that really never panned out. They thought that they had enough young talent on the team that  adding a few free agents and drafting more talent the team would be a contender.

If you think about it the Dolphins have always been for the most part the second best team in the AFC East unfortunately the gap between them and the first place New England Patriots has always been as wide as the Grand Canyon, while the Jets and Buffalo are on the Dolphins heels.

It was no secret that Dolphins owner was looking for his team to be able to host the 2020 Super Bowl that will be held at Hard Rock stadium making the Dolphins the first team in history to be in the Super Bowl and the game be in their home stadium.

That was the goal up until this last off season where the owner has conceded that they’ve had a failed plan all along and instead of trying to put a Band-Aid on this team, maybe it’s time to scrap everything and start from the beginning.

Armed with this knowledge the owner has finally did the right thing in how he has structured the team, gone are too many voices and hands at the top of the chain as he has given Chris Grier sole responsibility as Miami actual GM and Chris Grier with that power has hired Brian Flores as his head coach.

Chris Grier has also made some changes within the Dolphins organization and brought in some extra help as they evaluate talent for the upcoming draft as well as evaluating the current roster and what changes need to be made just before deciding what they will do in free agency.

The reality is nobody is safe on this roster I have made the point that half the roster is full of players 25 years or younger, in contrast that means the other half consist of older players and as we know for some reason the age of 30 seems to be that demarcation mark that many feel players begin to deteriorate except for the very few who seem to have longevity beyond normal (See Tom Brady)

Looking at this roster where do the Dolphins need to make changes? Who should stay and who should go? Will they try to hang on to their own free agents?

As you know I have no problem putting on my GM hat and making difficult decisions and had the former GM’s, coaches and Tsar’ that’s been in charge over these last 20-plus years have followed my advice we would have been the top dogs of the NFL because I am your Dolphin Seer…. 🙂

Stay Tuned for Part II


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