Ryan Tannehill’s Legacy In Miami

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As we come to the conclusion of Ryan Tannehill’s tenure in Miami it’s time to look back and see where he ranks in Miami Dolphins quarterback history. When all is said and done Ryan Tannehill ranks third on my list of all time Dolphin quarterbacks just behind Dan Marino and Bob Griese.

Ryan Tannehill was able to help us transition from that lost feeling between Dan Marino and a series of quarterbacks that followed his retirement. I personally feel that drafting Ryan Tannehill was a good thing because prior to his being drafted we all had that feeling of frustration not having an NFL starting quarterback as the Dolphins went through about 15 different starters prior to Tannehill being drafted.

Out of all the Articles written on the Dolphin Seer when an article on Tannehill is written they tend to be the most read articles. Ryan Tannehill was able to win over a lot of Dolphin Fans hearts and at the same time was one of the most polarizing players on the team.

There’s well over 60 articles on record written about Ryan Tannehill on this blog site (see search engine Ryan Tannehill) since the day of his being drafted up until this departing article reflecting on Ryan Tannehill career, I’m sure I’ll still write a few more articles but eventually he will fade in our memories as the Dolphins once again continue their search for a “Franchise Quarterback”.

There is a lot of good and bad things associated with Ryan Tannehill throughout his career, even now you have about a 50-50 split between the Dolphins fans that supported Ryan Tannehill and those who felt he was never the answer.

If you read most of the 60 plus articles about Ryan Tannehill you will see that they were mostly supportive of Ryan Tannehill even to the point of taunting what I would call the Tannehill haters. (Blinded Faith Unfulfilled)

After building up the highest expectations I’ve ever had for Ryan Tannehill for the 2018 season after excusing everything the past seven seasons and blaming anybody and everybody for Tannehill’s faults. My eyes were finally open within the first 3 weeks  of this past season and I realized how wrong I was these past 7 seasons.

So let’s take a look at why Ryan Tannehill was able to keep his job for 7 seasons, get just about a hundred million dollars out of the Dolphins and ultimately culminating to the end of his Dolphins career.

Since being drafted in 2012 Ryan Tannehill has started 88 games and has thrown for over 20 thousand yards, 123 TD’s and 75 INT’s, also 248 sacks. Ryan Tannehill had some games that set records and he also had some games you want to forget.

Ryan Tannehill has always been good not great he can tease you with a game that statistically puts his play at an elite level but those game came to far and in-between as he struggled with consistency early on and injuries these past few years.

I have no doubt he is a hard worker and wants to do good he just lacks that “IT FACTOR” that your top QB’s posses that confident borderline cocky attitude a fearless leader that commands respects form his coaches and team mates.

Ultimately Ryan’s Legacy is defined by the very thing that truly matters the bottom line wins & losses and after 88 games started he is 42-46 .477 win percentage  the very essence of the Dolphins seasons under Ryan about a .500 team and average is not what we want.

I personally do not know Ryan Tannehill but I like him and wish him well and I still feel under the right circumstance Tannehill can achieve a top 10 QB ranking in the NFL he will never be consistent enough to maintain that level of play and thus he has come to the end of the roan as Miami’s starting QB moving forward.

Ryan Tannehill is better suited as a veteran backup on a contending team much like Nick Foles who IMO is the exact same player on many levels that maximized his worth by delivering for the contending Eagles. I just feel he will play more like Ryan on his next gig as some QB needy team will throw some money at him.

So Ryan’s Legacy is that of a QB who will be easily forgotten in time because he was average at best and statistically below averages with his win loss record. It will be hard to miss Ryan as he departs Miami and ends up on some other NFL team most likely as a backup QB.

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