Not Drinking The Kool-Aid Just Yet!

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The Urban Dictionary defines “Drinking The Kool-Aid” as:

To blindly follow and support a cause, sports team, religionprotest, political figure, etc. without first looking into it or researching it…

It happens every time the Dolphins hire a new coach you get the feel good stories the history behind that person’s life why they’re going to succeed and blah blah blah…. well as much as I love Kool-Aid I’m not drinking this Kool-Aid just yet.

Yes I’m impressed with some of the things that potentially can happen such as the names mentioned in his coaching hires and their experience as well as the way the Dolphins have restructured the organization (finally after five years putting the horse before the cart) and despite some foolish reporting by some TMZ style reporters who want to stir up trouble we all realize the Dolphins are going to go through a transition phase, rebuilding or whatever they want to call it, the fact is all that really matters is winning and losing and I’m not going to buy into anything until this team produces a consistent winner.

We won’t know that until the season starts next year so I suggest many of you calm your enthusiasm and take a wait-and-see attitude before you get all caught up in your emotions and that feel good feeling that change often brings. The Dolphins are on a 20-year drought with coaches coming and going about every three years, and with each new hire comes new optimism that grow throughout the off season as they make decisions on players, the draft and all the way up through training camp, you get all these glorious storage of how great the team looks and how great they play against each other, you would swear that this team is headed to the Superbowl!

The truth is you can’t tell much about them playing and practicing against each other and you can’t tell much about them even in the preseason games because it really only counts when the regular season start, that’s when we’ll begin to see what type of team and what type of coach the Dolphins have married and as much as I’m wishing them all success I’m just not going to buy in until I see some concrete evidence.

For all you out there who are so optimistic and excited about this new coach and his pedigree being coached by the G.O.A.T in New England all his NFL coaching career like that is going to make him successful, we’ve had that hope before the reality is no one will know until the live bullet start to fly!

With early reports that this team might go through some hard times over the next couple of years and with Brian Flores signing a five-year contract my question is how much into that 5 years will the owner Stephen Ross put up with losing before he fires everybody and hit the reset button again?

I hate to be all gloom and doom because the premise of “The Dolphin Seer” is to accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative! As much as I am a glass half-full guy I’m truly tired drinking the Kool-Aid that comes from an overly optimistic fan base and Dolphin controlled media so excuse me if I take a wait-and-see attitude.

I will say that Brian Flores has assembled what appears to be one of the better coaching staffs of any of his predecessors and if they can add Dom Capers as a consultant it will truly enhance that exciting feeling that maybe THIS TIME the Dolphins got it right.

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