Can Brian Flores Buck The Trend?

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Romeo Crennel, Eric Mangini, Bill O’Brien, Josh McDaniels all have worked under Bill Belichick considered the G.O.A.T of NFL coaches and who can argue that point when you consider the fact that he is still out coaching just about everybody in the NFL til this day.

Immediately upon Belichick’s retirement  he’s a first-time Hall of Famer and he will be recognized as the greatest coach to ever coach in the NFL bar none.

Unfortunately that success falling from Belichick tree has not followed his understudies as teams continue to pluck away from Bill Belichick coaching tree they have been met with very disappointing results in fact in some cases some very weird results. Take Eric Mangini for example and his ratting out Bill Belichick’s practice of spying causing a big fire storm between the Jets and the Patriots when Mangini was the head coach of the Jets.

It also caused New England to get in some hot water with the NFL and will always have that label of being a cheater to contend with. Some folks are better off being coordinators than head coaches like Romeo Crennel who is a very good defensive coordinator, not so much a good head coach. Ultimately the main crux of the problem into why these Belichick ex-coaches have failed is they don’t have the one thing Bill Belichick has possessed most of his successful NFL coaching career Tom Brady, also considered the G.O.A.T of NFL quarterbacks.

The truth is you can’t have one without the other so no matter who you bring in as a coach if they don’t have a successful quarterback to run their offense you’re most likely going to fail, if you doubt that statement then just look at our current Dolphins situation having had Ryan Tannehill for the past seven seasons and 3 coaches losing their jobs because they could not build a relationship with their quarterback like the successful teams in the NFL do.

So it becomes obvious that the only way Brian Flores will be successful in Miami is if he along with GM Chris Grier can find the next young upcoming superstar quarterback, what’s been encouraging is many of these young quarterbacks coming out of college now days are having success just look at the Kansas City Chiefs, Los Angeles Rams and the Baltimore Ravens for example, but with every success story there’s also a handful of teams that have a shaky quarterback at best or still have not identified their starting quarterback so they tend to stick with somebody who’s just good like the Dolphins Ryan Tannehill then to seek to improve their situation always holding out hope that their good quarterback will take their game to the next level.

GM Chris Grier along with Miami’s new head coach Brian Flores is now charged with the task of finding the next quarterback of the Miami Dolphins one that should be an upgrade over Ryan Tannehill and at the same time hopefully bring about a successful future because like it or not all three will be tied together win or lose.

Only time will tell if Brian Flores can buck the trend of losers that have fallen from Bill Belichick’s tree but the one thing that can make it become a reality is to get the quarterback situation correct and draft a future QB that has the makeup that we have failed to achieve since the retirement of the G.O.A.T of the Miami Dolphins Dan Marino.

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