Key Players On The Move?

With the Dolphins making a transition this off-season wether you call it tanking, transioning or rebuilding here are some names that might be missing from the Dolphins roster next season.

  • Ryan Tannehill, Miami will seek to trade Ryan but will most likely have to release him.
  • Reshad Jones, he is still a solid player that some contender could use Miami can either keep this solid veteran player or if they are serious about rebuilding there is no need for him on the roster, If he does move on I hope he lands with a contender.
  • Devante Parker, much like Ryan Tannehill Parker needs to move on it is in the best interest of BOTH teams that it happens.
  • Danny Amendola another player that due to age will most likely move on.
  • Robert Quinn I think he would be better served staying with Miami
  • Andre Branch was way overpaid and never lived up to his contract.
  • Brock Osweiler Can he follow Gase in New York?
  • Cameron Wake (Deserves a shot at a ring) hopefully he signs with a legitimate contender.
  • Kiko Alonso Time to move on he never reached star level too much of a liability at any LB position.

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