Brian Flores Gets 5 Year “Guaranteed” Contract

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On Monday the Miami Dolphins finally was able to hire their 10th head coach (excluding interim coaches) of this teams storied history.

Coming off a Super Bowl victory with New England, Brian Flores was hired to lead the Dolphins out of the wilderness and the Sea of mediocrity that has existed for well over 20 years.

I am not sure where this team is headed but it is apparent that they seem to be moving in the right direction as they have changed the structure of the team putting in place GM Chris Grier who’s in complete charge of the operations and even though I am not 100% sold on Flores as our next head coach I am sold on the new structure and granting our next head coach a five-year contract.

I’ve decided to take a wait-and-see action on this next head coach because I’m tired of reading all these feel good stories that the local media loves to write about every coached hired only to see them fail.

The Dolphins have decided to go in a different direction than what most teams are headed as they hired on a defensive-minded coach that they claim brings leadership ability that they’re looking for as opposed to teams looking for the next Sean McVay.

I can no longer blindly follow anything this team does but as always as a true Dolphins fan I’m hoping for the best, in fact I’m praying for the best because I am so tired of this team being stuck in the sea of mediocrity.

Flores said he has not finalized any hires I expect that he will assemble his coaching staff shortly and hopefully the names that was banded about these past few weeks will come to fruition because what is more critical than just hiring a new head coach is the staff he will be able to assemble and I am anxiously awaiting the critical decision yet to be confirmed.

So even though he don’t get my 100% endorsement I do wish the best for Brian Flores and his staff as they embark on a journey of turning this Dolphins team around.

Welcome to Miami Brian Flores now get to work!

Fins Up!!!

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