TDS Does Not Endorse “Tanking”



TANKING! REALLY? It’s come to that now?

How low can you go! The constant reports that the Dolphins plan to tank the 2019 season in hopes to obtain a high draft pick in 2020 is frustrating a best and organizationally negligent for a team in need of an identity.

Let me start by saying most of these rumors  about  the team tanking is coming from who I call the biggest drama queen down in South Florida reporter Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald most likely spurred on by the owner Stephen Ross’s comments at the end of the season that he has no problem with the team may be taking a step backwards and losing games to be able to attain a high draft pick.

Chris Grier Miami general manager need not buy into tanking because as I just wrote he’s in the spotlight and the last thing that he needs is to be apart of tanking the season, even more so Brian Flores the new head coach coming in, he too would have no benefit in losing games on purpose what most people associate with tanking.

A better  way to describe what the Dolphins might have in mind is not spending big dollars in free agency coming up trying to get a player or two on this roster with the intent on somehow making a playoff run. The Dolphins have spent a ton of money over the past few years even before Stephen Ross took over majority ownership of the Dolphins but have had the same results.

As I’ve written in previous articles this Dolphins team have a lot of young Talent that just needs to be supplemented and coached better to become the team that they potentially can be. I still think the Dolphins are an 8 to 10 win team with their current roster but unfortunately like most of the NFL does not possess the ability to beat the New England Patriots who have dominated this division and our conference for quite a few years as they once again make a third in a row Super Bowl appearance.

The Dolphins have about half their roster filled with young players that can be properly developed, some with star potential, others solid role players, so tanking benefits nobody. I’m never going to be sold that players and coaches want to lose on purpose and I don’t think the Dolphins are so devoid of talent that they’d be a bottom dweller team in the NFL, so I’m going to continue to dismiss this attitude of tanking as reporters overly dramatic view of what a Dolphins intent truly is.

The 2019 season is a transitional season we’re going to have a very inexperience first-time head coach who will take over a team they lacked any identity over the last 3 years. A team stuck in the division where they seem to always end up second place, A team in need of Direction.

I am not anticipating Dolphins becoming a division winner next year I’m hoping that they continue to build on the foundation they have by means of smarter decision-making, starting with free agency and continuing to build through the draft as I feel the Dolphins general manager Chris Greer has done a very decent job of drafting players these last three season and now that he has total say over the draft I’m expecting even more young Talent being added to this team.

Last year in free agency the Dolphins brought on some veteran players (nice way of saying older players) that tend to be high risk signings because their bodies have broken down over the years playing in the NFL. It was a former policy of the team not to take  players over 30 years of age and that strategy is the best strategy in my opinion.

Hopefully this year in free agency whoever they pick up (if they pick anybody) the Dolphins will focus on young players they can continue to add to this team to maybe enhance the lower end of the roster and create competition so that the best 52 Man team next season can be assembled.

After all that work I find it hard to see how this team will try to tank a season rather than go out and try to win every game. I’ll be the first to admit that sometimes over the past few years when it Dolphins did sustain losing seasons I wanted them to lose the last game or two because I started to think about the draft position and being in position to get the player you want. The reality is there are other ways to attain a high draft pick, one way is to accumulate enough pics that you can trade up, another way is to trade away future picks there’s always a deal to be made and a team willing to make those deals.

There’s some recent history that show the wisdom of trading away future picks to get a quarterback that you may deem the next franchise quarterback, the Los Angeles Rams and Philadelphia Eagles. Others have made trades that allow them the draft young quarterbacks. Truth be told there’s no price not worth giving up to be in position to draft who you’ve identified as your next franchise quarterback.

It could be as early as this year (see my mock draft) the Dolphins might identify a quarterback that they think is a franchise quarterback with that being the case the Dolphins possess the 13th pick it shouldn’t take too much to move up a few spots in the NFL draft to get a player that you want, the Dolphins do have some ammunition on their roster from veteran to young players, nobody’s beyond being offered up as a trade value for any team willing to trade that we can move up to get a player that we want.

So no matter how you look at it there’s no way possible the Miami Dolphins can deliberately set out to tank the season because with a new head coach coming in, a new staff and just the overall attitude of the players I’m sure no one wants to lose a game on purpose.

Even me as much of a homer as I am I find that unacceptable! So let’s put to rest this idea of tanking maybe the team is going to go through a transition phase that may cause them to not be as competitive due to the lack of talent especially at the quarterback position that does create some legitimate games lost but deliberately tanking is not the way.

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