Should Charles Harris Be Moved To LB?

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Let’s face it Charles Harris has been a major bust at the Defensive End position for the Dolphins, 2 years ago he was drafted to become the young replacement for an aging Cameron Wake and so far in the two years that he’s been in Miami he has a total of 3 sacks, he’s really not even been able to break the starting lineup. He has a total of three starts in the two years, so let’s just say I don’t think he’s cut out to be a pass-rushing defensive end but I do notice in his history he has played linebacker and as poorly as our linebackers have played is it a possibility that Charles Harris might be better suited at the linebacker position in Miami be outside or inside.

He has the size that I currently don’t think any of the linebackers on our team possess the actual size that we need at their respective positions granted are all young except for Kiko Alonso who I still to this day feel has been a wasted acquisition and has not played up to the level that we need he’s not strong enough to be a middle linebacker and I don’t think it he possesses the speed or the coverage ability to be an outside linebacker but he and Charles Harris are almost identical in size and weight.

Going into the draft, he was projected to be a first or second round pick by NFL draft experts and analysts.[7] He was ranked the seventh best edge rusher by Sports Illustrated, the third best linebacker by ESPN, and was ranked the fifth best defensive end by NFL analyst Bucky BrooksMike Mayock, and

We have a new coach coming in soon who has a defensive background and I suspect that our defense will go through a major overhaul and change may be changing from a 4-3 to a 3-4 and from that stupid wide-9 defense that I never really understood that seem to always provide gaps for rushing success of our opponents.

Maybe with the new coaching staff that we have coming in they will design ways for Charles Harris to have success. I’m no football expert but my  eyes can see this guy is not a defensive end so maybe he might be better suited at the linebacker position what are your thoughts chime in….

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