Banking On The Championship Side?

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While most teams are focusing on offensive-minded coaches the Dolphins interestingly have decided from all reports to go with a defensive-minded coach from a division rival the New England Patriots.

If all the reports and rumors are true New England’s de facto defensive coordinator Brian Flores will be named Miami Dolphins head coach once he stop helping New England try to win another championship.

I’m sure just like me all eyes we’re on Brian Flores this past Sunday and New England’s defense, if we get that type of Defense that shut down a very strong Charges offense I would be ecstatic.

Once again I caution because this guy has never been a head coach and again the Dolphins seem to keep bumping their head up against the idea of bringing in a veteran coach in favor of young inexperienced coaches.

As with every new coach hire you hear all the good and hardly any bad. Flores is a tenacious, hard-working, motivated, teacher… exactly what we need! Didn’t they say that about Adam Gase the offensive guru, quarterback whisperer?

I’m going to hope for the best but it’s going to take a lot to impress me as Miami once again gives OJT to another first time coach.

I do like the commitment towards a defensive-minded coach because defense do win championships and if we can put together a very solid defense then all we have to worry about is finding that quarterback to complement the offense.

The Dolphins have a bunch of young players on both sides of the ball as a foundation to build from.

Brian Flores does come with some red flags as Bill Belichick coaching tree has been less than impressive in fact most of them have been a major bust are we headed for the same thing with Mr. Flores?

The Dolphins seem to be preparing for a down Season or two to position themselves to get a top pick, so you’re going to tell me that this first time head coach if he should have a losing season will get a pass or will they hold that against him.

The Dolphins are a mess right now and even though they’re waiting for Brian Flores to finish his job with New England all the offensive and defensive coaches are being scooped up by the other teams that have already named their head coaches.

A key factor for Brian Flores that seemed to have been a considerable problem with the last few first-time head coaches is being able to put together a quality coaching staff some names that where being thrown out like Jim Cardwell, Greg Roman (just promoted to OC for Ravens), Kliff Kingsbury (hired as HC of Arizona), Brett Bielema are potential options that Brian Flores is looking to add to his staff. (some names are now off the table)

Unfortunately we have to wait at least another week or longer to finally get our hands on the new perspective head coach.

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