Very Intriguing In House Head Coach Candidate

As many we’re touting special teams coordinator and assistant head coach Darren Rizzi as the new head coach of the Miami Dolphins, the Dolphins took an interesting twist today and interviewed (along with Rizzi) Dowell Loggains  Miami’s offensive coordinator under Adam Gase.

The interesting twist about this whole deal is that the Dolphins could possibly lose both of these coaches to Adam Gase and the Jets if they don’t get the job.

Out of the two Dowell Loggains appears to be the more qualified candidate for head coach based off his background and experience.

I’m still on board with letting all of them go and bring it in a veteran head coach like Rex Ryan who is my second choice if we can’t get John Harbaugh.

It’s quite apparent that the Dolphins are waiting for one of the coordinators that they interviewed that still in the playoff hunt with their teams and if that’s the case they may have already may have their mind as to who they want.

Stay tuned things are about to heat up.


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