Did Miami Botch Their Head Coach Situation?


It’s gotten to the point where it’s downright depressing to see what’s going on with the Dolphins.

I contend that firing Adam Gase was a bad move after giving him 3 years of OJT Adam Gase signs with the Jets.

While the Dolphins are looking at potential candidates that have zero head coaching experience.

I asked a question why start from zero when you gave three years of OJT to Adam Gase?

Yes Adam Gase had his faults, I still think that he needs to mature, but I like his mentality and his desire to win.

He took a team that basically lost all its key players this year and still had them in the playoff hunt late November.

I just don’t get it, now we’re waiting for Darren Rizzi who’s been with this team for 10 years he was also the assistant head coach as well as special teams coach. Doesn’t that mean he owns some of this mess in Miami?

He’s getting ringing endorsements from player’s current and former who claims he’s a great guy pays attention  to detail blah blah blah blah…

Chris Grier is nothing more than a Yes Man for our owner who I’m starting to realize is more meddling in the affairs of his team then once thought. (It is his team)

I was always under the impression that Stephen Ross was just providing the money and he’s letting his football guys do what they do. It’s obvious that he and Chris Grier are involved in the search for the next head coach.

As much as I like Chris Grier I question giving him the keys to the car and putting all that responsibility on him because I can guarantee you he will be the next scapegoat within 1 to 3 years.

I am getting more and more frustrated with what is apparently a botched situation regarding the head coach of the Miami Dolphins because it’s obvious they had no plan when they fired Adam Gase.

Word coming out of the Dolphins camp is their looking to tank this team with the goal of getting a top quarterback potentially in 2020.

I am not in agreement with that idea either  if the Dolphins should happen to end up in a position where they’re losing (Not By Design) and find themselves within reach of a top pick in the draft then I’m all for that.

But to deliberately start the season off tanking is in no one’s best interest especially Chris Grier who will be thrown under the bus.

While the Dolphins are interviewing everybody including the “Waterboy” most of the 8 teams with coaching vacancies have been filled. I think the Dolphins are one of the last two.

I just hope the Jets will send us a gift card for giving Adam Gase three years of OJT as he embarks on his career as the Jets new head coach, in the meantime our Dolphins are fumbling and bumbling around clueless and without direction.

Stay tuned!

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