Are The Jets Stupid?


Okay let me first start off by saying I wanted the Dolphins to hang onto Adam Gase, I do feel in the long-term he’s going to turn out to be a very good head coach.

Unfortunately the Dolphins have a habit of only allowing three years on average for a coach to prove themselves in Miami.

Adam Gase’ time in Miami did not leave much to be desired but once again I also had excuses for him, I felt that injuries and all the things that went wrong over the last couple years derailed his coaching career, despite the fact that he still was about a .500 coach in Miami.

One thing for sure it will make the matchup between the Dolphins and the Jets from here on out very interesting.

Whoever Miami selects as our next head coach will go up against a very motivated Adam Gase who will have plenty of fuel to want to beat our Dolphins, as if we needed any more reason to hate the Jets.

I look forward to seeing how Adam Gase does with the Jets and if he has success and becomes the next young Bill Belichick over the years then it’s our loss.

Somebody’s going to be the genius and somebody’s going to be the fool and as much as I like Adam Gase I now hope he fails forward.

Looks like Adam Gase is taking his whole staff with him and he’ll be bringing back Vance Joseph as his defensive coordinator and I’m pretty sure Matt Burke will probably go back with him as well working on his defensive staff.

That is no big loss for the Dolphins as both Vance Joseph and Matt Burke did not perform well as defensive coordinators for the Dolphins.

Both teams have been so pathetic over the years that the old rivalry has been dormant, I think this hire will spark up some old memories of the good old days when the Jets and the Dolphins were heated and hated rivalries.

Forrest Gump said stupid is what stupid does and it won’t be long before we find out who the stupid one is as the AFC East heats up as former Dolphins coach Adam Gase taking on the head coach job with the Jets.

I personally feel it would serve him better just taking on another offensive coordinator position for about another year or so.

Word is Peyton Manning made a call to the Jets and tipped the scales for Adam Gase.

You can’t write a better story for this as the AFC East heats up. Maybe we can Dump/Trade Ryan Tannehill to the Jets as well?

Can’t wait!

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