John Harbaugh To Sign Extension

Looks like my number one guy on my wishlist is about to sign an extension with the Baltimore Ravens.

Now my focus must go to my number two guy on my wishlist Rex Ryan.  Yes old Rex because despite what many want to say Rex Ryan is an excellent defensive-minded coach he’s a veteran coach and he brings a moxie that this Dolphins team could use.

My least favorite name that many are promoting is Darren Rizzi I don’t feel it and don’t want it don’t think it’s the right time for the Dolphins.

There is nothing in Darren Rizzi that tells me he’s qualified to be the next head coach of the Miami Dolphins no more OJT, if he was that great he’s been an assistant head coach for the last couple seasons so he also should take some of the blame for the failures of Adam Gase.

If the Dolphins hire Dan Rizzi as a next coach it’s going to test my loyalty to a team I’ve been a faithful fan of well over 50 years.

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