Thanks For Nothing Ryan Tannehill


There’s a saying too much of anything just ain’t good for you, after 7 years of Ryan Tannehill hoping and wishing that he would become something that he has not I am done.

Not only am I done I am upset, feel betrayed, foolish and embarrassed that it took me seven years to realize this guy will never be an elite quarterback.

In fact, I would have been happy if he could have maintained a top 10 level but he’s always been just about exactly where the Dolphins record has been since he’s been quarterbacking this team, about .500 somewhere between the 15th to 17th best quarterback in the league,  that my friends get you a .500 record and consistently mediocre and that’s the best way to describe Ryan Tannehill’s mediocre career.

Chris Grier has said that he will wait for the next coach to come in to decide what to do with Ryan Tannehill. I don’t think he should wait, I think somehow they should be looking right now to dump this guy and clean house of every quarterback on the roster.

It’s time to find a quarterback through the draft, starting this year and every year from here on out until we find that guy.

Until that happens we are going to be stuck at mediocre, no teams going to give up their franchise quarterback and we have a bunch of nice developing young quarterbacks in the league recently drafted. Within our division  potential long-term solutions at the quarterback position for the Jets and the Bills are in place.

Unfortunately for Miami we have nothing in place currently to look forward to.

The next quarterback the Dolphins select should be the total opposite of Ryan Tannehill, I want him to be somewhat of a jerk, arrogant, overly confident,  like Baker Mayfield.

Get a gunslinger, somebody you might have to slow down, somebody who is overconfident willing to put that ball in tight windows.

We need somebody who’s Fearless, who can go up to New England and truly expect to win.

Unlike Ryan Tannehill who folded like a cheap blanket up in New England this past season.

If any of my fellow Dolfans are still holding out hope that Ryan Tannehill can be something that he’s not been I suggest you check in with your local psychiatrist and get help.  Seven years have been more than enough.

Think of the dead bodies that are at Ryan Tannehill’s feet. Joe Philbin, Mike Sherman, Jeff Ireland, Dennis Hickey, Adam Gase to name a few.

Add to that all the money that Stephen Ross has paid this guy since he’s been here, have no pity for Ryan Tannehill because he’s gotten rich  undeservingly so, hopefully  his exit will be coming soon.

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