TDS’s Top 10 WishList For The Next Dolphins Head Coach

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The hunt and the race is on for Miami’s next head coach, it must happen real soon because there’s not a lot of time between the off season and the start of OTA”s and training camp, especially when you’re starting from scratch looking for a new head coach.

Names are flying off the Handel as to who the Dolphins next new head coach might be some names had me screaming out loud and banging my head up against the wall others make me woozy (Joe Philbin)

So I’ve decided to put my own list of the top 10 people who I would love to be the  next head coach.

  • John Harbaugh
  • Mike McCarthy
  • Rex Ryan (My Personal Favorite)
  • Jim Harbaugh
  • Bruce Arians
  • Eric beenemy
  • Chuck Pagano
  • Josh McDaniels
  • Mike Mularkey
  • Adam Gase

Ideally I would like Miami to get an experienced head coach who can bring together a qualified, experienced staff. That’s the biggest issue when hiring some of these young head coaches I think that was somewhat Adam Gase’s problem in Miami.

Hiring a good head coach is no longer enough you need to hire someone who could put together a staff that can help develop the young players on this team as well as future draft picks.

No more first time head coaches, or former position coaches like Darren Rizzi or Dan Campbell.

I also want the Dolphins to give the next guy sufficient time to build this team and 3 years is not enough!

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