Time For Cameron Wake To Move On?

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DE Cameron Wake is at the crossroad when it comes to where his future is headed, on one hand he has cemented his position as one of Miami’s most prolific pass rushers (as well as in the NFL) and when you factor in the fact that he had to play in the Canadian league before Miami wisely plucked him up and had a smooth transition as our best pass rusher of all time Jason Taylor was on his way out of the NFL, it makes his accomplishments all the more amazing.

The Dolphins were privileged to have had Cameron Wake on our team but now it nearing the end of his NFL career and with the pathetic coaching that has limited Wake’s play and proven to be one of the most inept defenses I have seen in Miami I would not blame Wake if he were to sign with a contender with the hopes of making the playoffs with a legitimate change of advancing.

That will not be in Miami in 2019 because the Dolphins themselves are at the crossroad as everything is up in the air as to what they will do moving forward especially after another very embarrassing  loss today and a 1-7 road record for the season.

I would not harbor any resentment if Wake should look to find a team to get him a legitimate chance at a Superbowl ring and to be quite frank the Dolphins need to stop overpaying players that have no chance of getting them to the Superbowl as Miami needs to do some serious soul-searching this off-season and might need to BLOW EVERYTHING UP!

No matter what Cameron Wake decides to do I want to take this time to THANK HIM for his unmatched intensity and play over the years because if he were to move on the Dolphins will be devoid of an elite pass rusher for the first time in years. I just hope the efforts to fill that void will not last as long  as it has been to replace Dan Marino as that has been a never-ending story that will be the major headline going into this off-season.

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