On Second Thought…..???

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The loss up in Buffalo where the Dolphins once again got embarrassed by a 5-10 Bills team 42-17 could be that one thing that if the owner was up in the air on what to do just might have tipped the scale for coach Adam Gase to be fired.

If Stephen Ross was waffling on whether or not to retain his head coach the embarrassing loss to Buffalo today just might make me want to blow up everything now!

I don’t like to see the Dolphins lose but to be blown out and humiliated the way they’ve been on multiple times this season as well as last season you got to stop and wonder if  Adam Gase might be in over his head.

I have no doubt that Adam Gase if  he were let go just might land on his feet somewhere else sooner rather than later unlike when Tony Sparano and Joe Philbin  were fired I had no inclination that people were lining up to sign them on.

Adam Gase being young very bright maybe a little naive and obviously still not as experienced as you would love some team would jump on the opportunity to let him continue to coach. (rumor is the Browns owner would love to have Adam Gase) I’m sure many Dolphin fans will be more than happy to offer Gase up on a silver platter.

Nothing upsets me more than to be blown out in the fashion that they have been and to end the season with such a dud it’s frustrating demoralizing an unacceptable!

I no longer care what happens at this stage whether they keep Adam Gase or not, the reality is that Buffalo the Jets are already ahead of the game vs Miami and New England because they have their future young quarterbacks in place and both teams have plenty of cap space to improve their teams while these young quarterbacks play out their rookie contracts.

They can begin to surround their young QB’s with veteran talent to improve their teams and at this stage the Dolphins look like a team that’s going to be headed towards the basement all because we don’t have no clue and is totally lost at the very one position that we’ve had problems for years the quarterback.

Adam Gase did himself no favors in this humiliating loss and I would not be surprised nor upset if he is gone!

So stay tuned because things are going to get ugly might be much more uglier than I once thought prior to this embarrassing game up in Buffalo.

Sit back and get your popcorn ready…..


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