Now The Waiting Game!

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As the end of the season approaches speculation is rampid as everybody is on the hot  seat. It’s up to the owner Stephen Ross to make the final call. I personally have stated my desire that the Dolphins owner resit the urge to make change because there is a continuity that exist between  the current management and coach that is different than he has had in the past as the dysfunction label has been eliminated!

I also contend that 3 seasons is not enough to fix the Dolphins issues and if we honestly look at this season the injuries alone are justifiable reasons to count this disappointing season as a wash just factor in the early 3-0 start before injuries derailed this team.

I like our young head coach Adam Gase, I also credit Mike Tannenbaum and Chris Grier (despite some poor decisions) as a group they have done a decent job of drafting and infusing this team with young talent.

I am of the belief that you should either fire them all or retain them all, but don’t break up this management team. Despite our disappointments this team is progressing in the right direction and making a change now will only set everything back as whoever comes in will want to probably make changes to show the owner that they have a better way of doing things.

If in 2019 the Dolphins have another losing season you know that if there is a new GM/V.P.O this new person or persons would blame the coach or if a new coach is hired would they not pass the blame onto management?

Listen I get it, I’m just as frustrated as any other Dolphins fan when our team under-performs, gets blown out and all the terrible things that has happened. I also have been looking at extenuating circumstances of this year with all the injuries, the youth on this team and the coach. There needs to be some changes going into next year, I also think that maybe an ultimatum needs made for next year for all three of them get it right or they all will be replaced.

Adam Gase needs to be told that two things need to change from his coaching perspective, one he needs to get a permanent full-time offensive coordinator, let him choose who that might be even if it’s his current offense coordinator (who do not call the plays) just give that person more authority and he also needs to find an experienced veteran defensive coordinator to replace Matt Burke.

I feel he should bring both an experienced veteran office coordinator and defensive coordinator, Adam Gase need to also learn more about the defensive side of the game and the best way to do that is to bring on a veteran defensive coach.

I’ve written a few articles back that the two I’d consider is Mike Martz and Rex Ryan bring those two on his staff and the work alone with them. I think it would be an excellent opportunity for him to grow as a coach and his staff to learn from some of the best minds on both sides of the ball.

It’s unfortunate that we are such an impatient society like in the NFL where everyone wants turn over every three seasons or less. I would love to see Stephen Ross resist that temptation to listen to all the people around him giving  him all type of advice.

Stand pat for another year (I’m hoping more than another year) and let them continue to build on this team I can assure you had we had two offensive lineman healthy, had we had our top receiver and a top return guy stay healthy and a few other things go our way this year that the Dolphins most likely would have made the playoffs.

Now is not the time to set back this team for the next two to three years only to go through the same process again. I put a stat out in one of my recent articles saying that the average coach in Miami has been 3.1 seasons ever since Dan on Don Shula left and the reality is I just don’t see three seasons as enough time to turn any team around or get the players you want to get in place especially for such a young first time head coach.

I really like Adam Gase, I would hate to lose him because I think it was the right decision three years ago and despite all the issues that has propped up the whole management team has done a good job of avoiding controversy not letting it set them back and the only issue is the Dolphins need to continue to develop their depth they need to  improve the lower end of the roster and get back players they lost this year and make a few subtle changes.

  • Replace Ryan Tannehill
  • Replace Matt Burke
  • Hire full-time offensive coordinator who calls the plays
  • Get Rid of Older Players

If Steven Ross allow some time to pass before he makes a decision I hope he concludes that it’s probably the best decision to keep everybody together for another season.

I am of the opinion that you need at least 5 to 10 years the build this team into a perennial contender and I still contend that the better teams in the league have maintained the same people in place for some time and teams like Miami who have consistently had turnover every 3 years  have been the bottom dwellers in the league.


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