Good-Bye Ryan Tannehill?

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This should be the last game that Ryan Tannehill plays as a Dolphin it took 7 years for my eyes to be opened but as you recall after that Massacre up in New England I gave up all hope on Ryan Tannehill in fact even before that loss in New England I did not like his play I felt he was not playing at a level that you expect from a franchise quarterback.

Ryan Tannehill will land on his feet with some other team I’m not sure he’ll ever be a starter again but he’d be a very good backup quarterback for any team in the league (except Miami) because it’s just time for him to move on from Miami.

Ryan Lacks that fire that you need from a quarterback he’s almost too cerebral too laid-back and those are the guys that tend to never really have great success. It’s  a certain demeanor, a certain Cockiness, a certain arrogance even to the point of being irritating like the Cleveland Browns Young quarterback Baker Mayfield that seems to be the key to successful Quarterbacks. Hatred of losing is also a key factor.

Ryan’s problem has been that he seems to be conditioned towards losing he’s accepted losing and in the big games he seemed to go into those games already feeling that they’re going to lose because he don’t have the ability to do win a game  on his own.

It’s not my intent to bash Ryan Tannehill because he is what he is and for some reason I felt there was another gear that he could reach much like coach Adam Gase thought. I’m sure Adam Gase realizes that  Ryan is not the answer so now the question is who is the answer? What will be done with that position because we know it’s not Brock Osweiler or Pat Devlin I’m not sure which direction the Dolphins will go.

That’s what makes the offseason so much fun is to see the teams make the changes that they think they need to try and improve their status for the following season. Today SHOULD BE the final game of Ryan Tannehill starting in Miami, hopefully he will no longer wear a Dolphins uniform beyond the end of this season.

The only question now is how do they get rid of him, can he be traded or do they just outright release him? I’m pretty sure the offseason will provide plenty of speculation as to what to do as well your Dolphin Seer so stay tuned!

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