TDS Still Endorses Our Current Management!

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I want them all to come back!

If I had the Dolphins owner ear that’s what I would be saying to him, the fact of the matter is whoever the next coach or general manager would be as soon as the Dolphins lose a game somebody’s going to be calling for them to be fired this is why the Dolphins have been stuck in mediocrity for so long they have not allowed the management to stay in place to make a difference 1-3 years is just not enough time to put a legitimate contender together.

Why am I endorsing the current management, it’s because despite the record being around .500 again it’s only 3 years of mediocrity and folks tie the last 20 years and pass blame on our current management.

The difference in this mediocre team is that there is evidence that they are very close to solving that problem and the need to blow things up does not exist but they deserve more time to complete the job. There seems to be progress in the development of this team despite setbacks.

Have there been mistakes? Yes! But mistakes are going to happen no matter who is at the helm, this current managements mistakes have not been so egregious that they should be fired. I feel the Dolphins are very close to being a contender and it would be such a shame to hit a reset button now!

I’ve been continually trying to bring across that the cohesiveness with this management team is something  we have yet to see since the retirement of Don Shula. I like Mike Tannenbaum, Chris Grier Adam Gase and feel they deserve more time together.

I don’t think Adam Gase is getting the credit for the wonderful coaching job he’s done, in fact I feel this year is his best coaching job  because what he’s had to deal with when it comes to injuries and losing key players.

I don’t know what anyone would expect as far as depth on this team after just three short seasons of drafting. Miami’s drafting so far has been very good we have some very good young Talent on the team Future Stars we have a young coach who spent three years learning on the job and though I do agree that there’s something that can be improved he is not the worst coach we’ve had as a matter fact he might be one of the better ones we’ve had in quite a while.

Here is the list of head coaches that Miami has had I excluded the interim coaches because they were just filling in for the fired coach and was not retained after the season.

1 George Wilson 1966–1969 56 15 39 2 0.278
2 Don Shula 1970–1995 392 257 133 2 0.659
3 Jimmy Johnson 1996–1999 64 36 28 0 0.563
4 Dave Wannstedt 2000–2004 73 42 31 0 0.575
5 Nick Saban* 2005–2006 32 15 17 0 0.469
6 Cam Cameron* 2007 16 1 15 0 0.063
7 Tony Sparano 2008–2011[3] 61 29 32 0 0.475
8 Joe Philbin 2012–2015 52 24 28 0 0.462
9 Adam Gase* 2016–present 32 23 24 0 0.494

Since Don Shula’s retirement Miami has had 7 new hires at the coaching position in 22 years that averages out to 3.1 years per coach and for some reason the fans and media keep calling for change every 3 years. I just don’t get it that these fans have no clue why this team has been stuck in mediocrity!

Well can it be that a new coach takes over a team that in the eyes of everybody is bad so he has to undo what’s bad and build a contender in just 3 seasons? Because every time you hire a new coach, GM, VP of Operation they feel the need to go in a different direction and  to dismantle a team and turn them around in 3 short season’s has not worked but for some reason this teams owner keeps trying to appease a fickle fan-base that wants change after every loss game or season.

I am appealing to Mr Ross to resist the urge to fire anybody and look at the extenuating circumstances this team dealt with these past two seasons and what you come up with is Miami is very close.

I feel Mr Ross should let this team continue to build on what is becoming a very young talented group of players with a very good (not perfect) young developing head coach and A management team that will eventually pay off if allowed to continue to grow together.

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