The Tanking of Cordrea Tankersley

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How does a rookie CB who played half of the games as a starter after Miami dumped Byron Maxwell last season end up where Cordrea Tankersley is currently listed on the depth chart? (Before his season ending injury)

Last year when he was given the start on the left side of the field I was hoping we had two young upstarts at the cornerback position that if they remain healthy they were the foundation of this young Defense that the Dolphins are building.

This season Tankersley’s stock has plummeted! Starting with training camp and going forward Tankersley has fallen off the grid in fact he was listed as the third-string player on the depth chart.

Not much is being said about this from the Dolphins organization or the local media but I’m very curious as to why this young second round pick had fallen so far off the grid, to go from starter his rookie year to being a third string option there’s a major problem.

It can’t all be put on Cordrea Tankersley because either the team did not do their homework well enough to understand this kid might have issues (I don’t know what his issues are) is it his ability to retain information, ability to understand the Playbook? Is he undisciplined? Whatever the problem is Tankersley is young enough to be molded!

What bothers me is last season he did things at a level sufficient enough to have maintained his starting position. But this season he has regressed? Somebody needs to explain to us why this kid did not progress to the level that he should have during the offseason I want to know what the world happened!

Some of the blame must go to his position coach or the DC if not both as I question the player development of a few players some that’s since been released and some still hanging on by a thin thread.

Tankersley should have done better this season prior to his season ending injury and the fact that he has not is a shared blame.

Hopefully he is taking this time off to better himself and do what is needed to get back on track and hopefully he is getting coached up so that next season he can try to get that starting spot opposite our young stud Cornerback Xavien Howard.

The cornerback position for the Dolphins need Tankersley to step up his play and man that spot opposite Howard. It would be one less hole that needs to be plugged giving the Dolphins the ability to focus on other pressing needs.

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