Laremy Tunsil No Fools Gold!

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When Laremy Tunsil fell into the Miami Dolphins lap with the 13 pick of the 2016 NFL draft, amidst a troubling video that surfaced just hours before the Draft that day. Tunsil was (before the Video release) considered a can’t miss number one pick by many and a shoe in as a blue chip player at one of the most valued position on an NFL team the LT.

I questioned whether he was Manna from heaven or Fools Gold  as who knew what the future would hold regarding Tunsil and the marijuana issue that sabotaged his NFL draft day. Well it looks like Manna after two short seasons in the NFL Laremy is one of the best if not best young LT’s in the game and is having a pro bowl season.

There has been no issues as far as drugs are concerned to date (Knock on Wood) and the Dolphins got the steal of the draft by snatching Laremy up with pick #13.

It did not come easy as Tunsil had to play out of position his rookie season because Miami had a very good veteran LT Branden Albert manning the left side so Tunsil played Left guard his rookie season and in 2017 he was essentially playing at his LT position as if he was a rookie and had growing pains.

This year Tunsil has found his footing and is now playing at a high level and he credits it to maturing and a little help from a veteran Guard.

Tunsil Said:

“I’ve matured; I’m taking care of my body. I’m watching film more. I’m in the playbook trying to understand everything.” He credits veteran Josh Sitton for helping him in film study and how to take care of his body.

Tunsil is one of two starting offensive tackles who haven’t allowed a sack with four games left in the season. The other player, Dallas offensive tackle Tyron Smith, is a five-time Pro Bowl selection. (Per The Sun Sentinel)

Laremy has not needed help as often as he did in times past, he has held his own against the best pass rushers in the game and still hasn’t allowed a sack this season. Laremy has settled in very well and now the Dolphins can rest assured that at least from the blind side they have a solid young player that has many years left to man that side of the ball and they can (hopefully barring injury) rest assured that they have a solid foundation to continue to build from.

Despite losing millions of dollars on draft day 2016 Tunsil will make it up if he continues to play at a high level as his rookie contract will be up for negotiation in the not to near future and his position is a premium position and he will demand top dollar as he solidifies his place in history on the Dolphins blind side.

Laremy has grown up quick and the Dolphins are happy that they have been rewarded for taking a chance on this young talent and it actually looks like it has paid big dividends in just two short years.

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