Patriots @ Miami: Review

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In what was one of the most entertaining games of the season as it went back-and-forth up until the improbable end of  a game that will be remembered for years to come.

Miami continued to be a thorn in the side of the Patriots as they for the 5th time in six seasons win at home against the Patriots. It’s something about South Florida that gives the Patriots fits as the Dolphins snatched victory away from New England on the last play of the game.

The game started with the Patriots marching down the field with ease and scoring on their opening drive to go up 6-0 because the extra point was no good and that proved to be a huge issue at the end of the game. The Dolphins also marched down with relative ease with their opening drive and took a 7-6 lead as the offense (led by Ryan Tannehill) looked  primed to match the Patriots offense as our Defense once again  was shredded as they had no answer for the Patriots offense for the most part.

Miami makes a stop that forced the Patriots to punt and the Dolphins after failing to move the ball in an attempt to punt the ball away was blocked (one of two blocks of the day). That block put the Patriots in excellent field position and you know what happens the Patriots score and goes up 13-7 but the Dolphins were determined to keep the game close and a surprise hero and ex Patriot RB Brandon Bolden who I had no clue who he was busted a 59 yard run up the middle for a TD and put Miami back up 14-13 and this was the early beginning of a very good game.

The Patriots not to be out done comes right back as Tom Brady had a field day against our Dolphins and threw a 37 yard strike to WR Cordarrelle Patterson putting the Patriots back up 20-14. Miami had an answer as Ryan Tannehill (Second Guessing my stance on him?) Played a very good game and was in his grove hit Kenny Stills on a deep ball and followed it up with another reception before the hero of the day to this point RB Brandon Bolden gets his second TD of the day putting Miami back on top 21-20 and mind you this is all in the first half of the game.

Once again the Patriots march down against our porous defense and Tom Brady hits his favorite big target Rob Gronkowski for another score putting them up 27-21.

The Dolphins this time had no answer on offense and was forced to punt the ball and for the second time in the game the Patriots blocked the punt and put themselves in excellent position on Miami’s 15 yardline to go up buy more than a TD. Brady passes the ball to Gronk and gets it to the two yard line with seconds to go before the half with no timeouts.

The Dolphins Defense on what was only a few occasions throughout the game made the play that to me helped Miami win the game as they sacked Tom Brady and the clock ran out and they went into the half down 27-21 not even allowing a field goal and that allowed Miami to remain close.

The third quarter goes relatively without any significant plays but the Patriots missed a makeable field goal another miss on points that could have won them the game. Ryan Tannehill late in the third threw a TD to Brice Butler putting the Dolphins back on top 28-27 but with more than a quarter to go and New England basically playing unstoppable football.

Once again the Dolphins defense had a game stopping play sacking Brady at the end of the third quarter forcing them to punt the ball. Unfortunately Miami failed to capitalize early in the fourth quarter as Kenny Stills fails to get a crucial first down it seems like he slipped just short of the first down turning the ball back over to Brady.

The Patriots drive down into Miami’s territory but stalls and gets a field goal  taking the lead 30-28. Miami fails to keep their drive alive and had to give the ball back to New England with 4 minutes to go in the game.

The Patriots once again gets into Miami’s territory and once again settles for a field goal with just 21 seconds to go and at that point we all just was waiting for the time to run out and New England getting a win in Miami.

But then the Miracle ending to be remembered happened!


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