Is Charles Harris Approaching Bustville?

Listen I do feel the kid wants to be good but something is not working as Charles Harris’s 2018 season is once again short of the very thing this team needs, SACKS! To date Charles Harris has ZERO sacks in the 7 games he’s played and in 26 games played in his short career he has only 2 sacks. That is not what you would expect from a first round pick.

It is extremely disappointing for both parties involved because I feel the kid wants to be great but I am not sure what has held him back from translating that to the field. With Charles Harris struggling it’s time for the Dolphins to start looking for the next  young pass rusher as this guy has proven to be a major disappointment and our ageless wonder Cam Wake is starting to show his age.

The Dolphins have been very fortunate to have had two great pass rushing DE’s to man the defense for the past 21 seasons. It would be a shame if Miami cannot find the replacement for Cam Wake who easily transitioned into his role as Jason Taylor’s career was concluding.

  Miami might be better off looking for a young pass rusher in free agency next year because there are greater needs in the early rounds of the 2019 NFL draft  I put Quarterback as our top priority in round one. It’s way too early to give up on Charles Harris right now but so far the way he’s been playing it doesn’t look good for his future especially under defensive coordinator Matt Burke.

I question player development under this current coaching staff as Charles Harris is not the only young player who has not progressed. Cordrea Tankersly also took steps backwards from his rookie season as he was plugged in as the starter opposite Xavien Howard and quickly relegated to a 4th string CB this season. That’s why I’m  saying it’s more of a coaching problem than a player problem, because these young players need to be developed and I don’t see that happening.

I question more than anything else Matt Burke the defensive coordinator.

It is time to look for a veteran defensive coordinator who has the ability to bring quality assistance to help out with the young players that we have on a team because Miami’s defense has been a major disappointment this year and that does not Jive well with the young talent that we have on defense. It’s a waste of their talent to put their development into the hands of a guy who is learning on the job and has limited experience as a DC.

Even our two veteran defensive ends  Wake and Quinn for some reason in this scheme  have not lived up to expectations with their sack totals so far this season. Even though beset by injuries our Defensive Tackles have also been a major disappointment. Also the Linebacker’s have been another disappointing group.

That says only one thing the defensive coaching staff has failed to do their job in player development as well as defensive scheming as this defense have been a MAJOR disappointment this season.

Injuries and the poorly timed release of Jordan Phillips a young talented player that was needed (considering the injuries at that position) this season instead of waiting until the end of the season has put more pressure on others to perform but unfortunately they too have been set back with injuries.

The Dolphins defense has a lot of young talent that needs to be directed and developed by a veteran experienced Defensive Coordinator who can put together a staff that will do better than Matt Burke and his staff has. These young players are like clay and needs to be molded into professional players and that appears to be something lacking with this current defensive staff.

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