Lack Of Depth Has Hurt The 2018 Miami Dolphins



The Miami Dolphins have suffered trough a storm of injuries this season that has derailed what might have been. When you consider the list of injured players and some key starting players you see the results as the NEXT PLAYER Up have not made a difference and so the question is why continue to have these players on the roster?

Players like Leonte Carroo, DeVante Parker, MarQueis Gray, Luke Falk, David Fales, Brock Osweiler, Andre Branch, Kiko Alonso just to name a few. I feel these players have no business being on our roster next season.

There are also some key veteran players that Miami might need to start to move on from like:

  • Ryan Tannehill (Not worth the Money he is making and projected to make)
  • Cameron Wake (Getting long in the tooth he should be traded to a SB contender)

The truth is it’s time to complete the roster purge started last season and make room for younger players either by way of the draft or free agency.

Miami have a solid base of young players that should be the face of this organization moving forward. They can also free up millions of dollars purging the remaining high-priced players that have not made a difference even if it is no faulty of their own.

It’s time the Dolphins try to stock up on draft picks and do what one of the best Drafters in Miami’s history Jimmy Johnson did, he rebuilt Miami’s Defense in just two seasons of drafting  by accumulating and hoarding draft picks with the belief that the more picks the better as somebody will stick.

In 1996 with 12 picks he drafted DT Daryl Gardener, LB Zach Thomas, DB Shawn Wooden

In 1997 with 14 picks he drafted DB Sam Madison, DE Jason Taylor,

In 1998 with 10 draft picks he sifted out DB Patrick Surtain

44 draft picks in 4 seasons that’s 16 more picks over that 4 year period than had he just stayed pat with just his 7 round picks per season.

But he drafted some of the best players to ever play defense for Miami

  • DE Jason Taylor
  • LB Zach Thomas
  • DB Sam Madison
  • DB Patrick Surtain

Miami’s current GM should learn from the past and factor in that philosophy of  accumulating as many picks as he can as they continue to infuse this roster with young talent to solve the problem we faced this year that being lack of depth!

Also I have talked in the past of adopting another philosophy from the past that was successful that of former Green Bay Packers GM Ron Wolff who always drafted a QB every year despite have Brett Favre on his roster.

How much more so should the Dolphins follow that strategy considering what we have yet to achieve since the departure of Dan Marino a franchise QB!

The only thing that can solve this problem is better drafting and time as I have grown so frustrated with the fan base that want to once again fire the Coach, GM, V.P of operations as well as the owner.

What did Forest Gump say?

Stupid is what Stupid does and if Miami’s owner even mess with this current management staff than the Dolphins will spend the next three years doing the same thing retooling a roster that has been retooled far to many times how about some common sense  and let this management continue to plug holes and add young talent to a team in desperate need of its lower roster being upgraded and a few starters being pushed out of a job!

So these past 3 seasons has produced some good results but more time patience and a little luck is needed to get this team where we all want them to be so instead of wanting to fire everybody how about the Dolphins do something they have failed to do since Don Shula’s days  when he was allowed to man the sidelines from (1970–1995) 25 years…..and some good times along the way.


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