Dolphins at 6-6 Is Really Amazing!


Miami’s 2018 season has been an amazing accomplishment so far to even be 6-6 after 12 games and still having a slight chance to make the playoffs. (Most Likely that will not happen) Even though we have lived through years of mediocrity this 6-6 record is more amazing than disappointing and here’s why.

List of Miami Dolphin players on injured reserve:

William Hayes, Mike Hull, Josh Sitton, Daniel Kilgore, Albert Wilson, DT Vincent Taylor, Jakeem Grant, Cordrea Tankersley

All of these players are on I/R out for the season that includes a key backup and special teams player, our best run stuffer who sets the edge, our starting center, starting Guard, our young DT who was a major part of our rotation, our most productive WR, and our 2nd round CB who was having a disappointing 2018 season.

Three of these guys were top free agent starters signed this past offseason.

  • Josh Sitton,
  • Daniel Kilgore
  • Albert Wilson

Some people will look at this as excuses but It’s the reality of the situation. Losing key players for the season who were crucial to your team’s success, you’re going to struggle as the Dolphins have struggled.

There’s been no excuse made by the team. (coaching or management) they just continue to plug alone. I’m not sure too many teams in the league could suffer what this Dolphins team has suffered this year  and still be in the hunt for the playoffs this late in the season.

That’s why I say 6-6 given what has happened don’t look that bad and is a testament to what a very good Job Adam Gase is doing. Sadly some folks are calling for our young coach to be fired because they fail to look at the reality of the Dolphins situation.

They forget that Miami started off 3-0 this season before being beset by injuries that have accumulated throughout the season, just about every week we lost a key player because Miami is still not as deep with talent on the roster as they need to be because it’s only been 3 years that this management team has been together.

Yes, there still are some things that concern me like the offensive struggles, the defensive giving up too many big plays and the lack of identity just about through Adam’s 3rd season, I’m sure the setbacks had a lot to do with it.

I question the use of certain players, I question whether the defensive coordinator should maintain his position after the season is over. I also question whether Adam Gase should continue to call plays. The problems in Miami can be fixed the question is will they take the necessary steps to make the corrections?

An even bigger question is will they get the chance to continue on beyond 2018 as a management team?

We have a young head coach who might not want to make a change with his defense coordinator in fact he might not want to also make the change giving up play calling and if that is the case will that be the reason for Miami parting ways with Adam Gase?

Keep in mind this is just my speculations because I have no knowledge of any of these things being a request for Adam Gase.

Miami can’t continue on in 2019 having the same issues that has played this team for the last two seasons. I also think that this team still lacks depth that can only be solved through time and continue drafting good solid players and that is where they have done a very good job.

Adam Gase does deserve some credit for keeping his team together and continue to move them forward and at 6-6 so far this season you at least have seen them team willing to compete week in and week out no matter how many fellow players have fallen by the wayside going on injured reserve, it’s been the next man up mentality and that to me  should solidify Adam Gase’s  job throughout 2019 I just feel upper management need to step in and force Adam to make some changes to retain his job going forward.

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