Are The Dolphins Better After 3 Seasons With Current Management?

Is it time to hit the reset button?

With the ever increasingly impatient world we live in, the NFL is the epitome of  impatience. Fans, Owners, Sports Writers and every talking head you can find have an opinion about all 32 teams.

As your Dolphin Seer, going into my 7th season the one thing I have preached is patience and having mixed results with the patience thingy I can say the one area I still want the Dolphins to show patience in is our current management team including our young and sometimes FRUSTRATING head coach.

Adam Gase is a good head coach and smart enough to figure things out if given the time and my argument is for why he deserves more time and patience from the Dolphins organization and their fans.

I get it! After a frustrating loss like this past Sunday’s loss to Indy giving up a 10 point lead in the fourth quarter and especially in how they lost through some questionable play calling at the end of the game on their last two possessions I can see why some feel he should be fired. I just don’t feel after all this guy has endured his first 3 seasons that now is the time to get rid of him because truth be told anytime a play does not work is it not a bad call? Suppose the plays Adam called at the end of the game worked and the Dolphins came away with the win….then what?

To be honest with you I was pleased with how the Dolphins played, they did not embarrass themselves against the Colts but was in it up until the end. I know there is no glory in losing but with all the injuries the Dolphins have had this year (they still use no excuses) they keep plugging away. The only time I was truly upset was the blow out loss in New England earlier this season.

Miami hired Adam Gase and at the time he was hired he had ZERO head coaching experience and was the youngest head coach in the NFL in his first season he took his team to the playoffs. That really was a double edge sword because it raised expectations the following season and set themselves for a big letdown.

After going 6-10 in his second season many rightfully so was upset and disappointed despite the many obstacles the team faced starting with the very first regular season game of 2017 when the  Dolphins and Tampa Bay has to postpone the opener in Miami due to hurricane Irma.

Gase also had to deal with one of his coaches who a month later was exposed for doing lines of Coke in the facility and sending it to some prostitute he had apparently trusted…….

The Dolphins management handled both situations very well, even this seasons and the myriads of legitimate excuses they have as an excuse you here nothing!

This years MASH UNIT!!!

September 2018

  • Placed defensive end William Hayes on injured reserve (Best Edge Setter on Defense)
  • Placed LB Mike Hull on injured reserve (Key special teams and backup LB)
  • Placed guard Josh Sitton on injured reserve (Key Free Agent Pickup)

October 2018

  • Placed center Daniel Kilgore on injured reserve (Key Free Agent Pickup)
  • Waived defensive tackle Jordan Phillips (Talented but huge disappointment)
  • Placed wide receiver Albert Wilson on the injured reserve (Most Productive WR on The Team)
  • Placed DT Vincent Taylor on injured reserve (Key young solid DT rotational player )

November 2018 

  • Placed wide receiver Jakeem Grant  on the injured reserve (Most Productive Return Man and an offensive weapon  for the Team)
  • Placed cornerback Cordrea Tankersley on the injured reserve

Not to mention lost time by many other starting players this season. I know you detractors are thinking every team suffers injuries it’s part of the game. That is true but I do not recall any of the top teams in the league losing as much and factor in how this Dolphins team is still plugging holes every off season to build a team with some depth it takes more than 3 years to build it!

So clean house bring in new management and fire them 3 years into their trying to build their roster of players they feel comfortable with? Been the done that these past 20 plus seasons. How about letting more time pass for this current regime to fix what is not working and continue to draft young talent.

This team is better than they were 3 years ago and I find it foolish that the same frustrated fans can’t see past the disappointments these last two seasons under Adam Gase and see that this guy is a good young head coach that Miami needs to just stay the course and with there being no dysfunction coming from the front office I see no need to change the base structure of the team.

Not to say changes are not required!

I know this will never happen but this is exactly what I would do as the Dolphins fantasy GM.

Two very talented and very good former coaches visited the Dolphins this year and BOTH would be great additions to the coaching staff. They are VETERAN coaches that have had success at their positions and would be a huge asset to the team IN ANY CAPACITY.

Mike Martz and Rex Ryan.

Adam Gase needs to make two changes at seasons end fire or demote Matt Burke and fire himself as the play caller and bring in some experienced veteran coaches for the two positions and the two I have mentioned above are the ones I would have no problem with them considering.

I feel a young head coach like Adam Gase could use more veteran help and voices to help him through his transition as head coach and both would be invaluable in assisting in Gase’ development.

I am frustrated reading some of the stupid ideas coming from some of my fellow bloggers like one suggesting the Dolphins fire Gase and bring back Dan Campbell. REALLY!!!!!!!!!??????

Listen don’t you impatient fans get it? The Reason why the Dolphins are continuing in the sea of mediocrity is because they have done the same things over and over expecting different results.

You cannot keeping hitting the reset button every 3 years or less.

There is TRULY no legitimate reason to fire Adam Gase nor mess with the current management team. I am willing to bet if the Dolphins owner just come out and endorse keeping EVERYTHING in place these stupid articles calling for Dan Campbell would stop.

Miami made the decision to hire the young Adam Gase and should have known there were going to be some GROWING PAINS but there was no quit in this team despite the many legitimate reasons they could (even going back to last year).

So I am not even close to wanting the Dolphins to hit the reset button but ignore the impatient, frustrated folks who always want change after every loss.

Adam is ONLY in his 3rd season and his teams have been good at times and bad at times but they seem to for the most part be well prepared each week  and as for our front office take a look at the roster and you will see some young talented players that have some glimpse of hope and if they can just do one thing this off season they might be able to secure their longevity on this team.


More on that later….

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