Dolphins @ Colts: Review

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It was a much better game than I expected as the Dolphins played well up until the end of the game where the same issues reared their ugly head, poor defense and bad play calling in critical points of the game.

Ryan Tannehil’s return was good but not as good as Andrew Luck’s play and that was the difference as essentially the better QB Andrew Luck made the difference in the end leading his team back from 10 points down in the fourth quarter to pull off the win. But not without help from our porous defense and our playcalling head coach who late in the game forgot to grow some Kahuna’s and in our last two possessions passed when he should have run and ran when he should have passed and basically gift wrapped the win for Andrew Luck and the Colts while showing he has little faith in Ryan Tannehill.

There finally was a Kenyon Drake sighting as he was given the ball it seems more and rushed for two TD’s one of which was a home run jaunt much like I said would happen if they gave Drake more carries.

Andrew Luck who had not been sacked in 239 consecutive dropbacks was sacked at least twice in the game but one by Robert Quinn was called back after a penalty by Minka Fitzpatrick. The one that counted was by our ageless wonder Cameron Wake but other than that Miami’s Defense gave up too many big plays in critical times of the game and once again could not stop the run they gave up over 100 yards rushing.

TY Hilton had a very good game as he caught for over 100 yard receiving. Miami’s future pro bowl  and rising star cornerback Xavien Howard had two int’s back to back against Luck just before half time and played very well. Unfortunately the Dolphins did not play as a cohesive unit and with consistency, much like what has been plaguing them under Adam Gase’s tenure.

It was an entertaining game and it seemed like the Dolphins would pull this one off but as usual they managed to give the game away thru poor clock management, play calling and defense when it was needed the most to protect a 10 point lead in the fourth quarter.

Miami now is 5-6 and on the outside looking in when talking playoffs. Miami will most likely end up .500 or below at season’s end but to far down the draft board with their first pick to get one of the young top QB’s in the 2019 draft without having to make some kind of trade (something I am all in for) because Miami needs a young prospect at the QB position to provide some hope for the future as Ryan prove to be who he is in the game a good QB but nothing special and he did not make the difference in his matchup against Andrew Luck.

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