Ryan Tannehill Returns (Ho Hum)

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In a move that has no value the Dolphins will start Ryan Tannehill against the Colts a team that has the Quarterback I wanted in the 2012 NFL draft, Andrew Luck . Though going through his own injury issues these past few years, Luck has proven (when healthy) to be a top Quarterback in the NFL.

Ryan’s return does not excite me at all, in fact there has been no significant drop off statistically with the far less expensive Brock Osweiler who also was drafted in 2012 but in the 2nd round.

According to Spotrac

Ryan Tannehill signed a 4 year, $77,000,000 contract with the Miami Dolphins, including a $11,500,000 signing bonus, $45,000,000 guaranteed, and an average annual salary of $19,250,000. In 2018, Tannehill will earn a base salary of $790,000, a restructure bonus of $16,685,000 and a workout bonus of $25,000, while carrying a cap hit of $8,676,666 and a dead cap value of $22,100,000.

Ryan Tannehill is costing Miami $16.7 million ( this year owner Steve Ross wrote quarterback Ryan Tannehill a check for $16.7 million converting most of his 2018 salary into a signing bonus) He is scheduled to make over 18 million in base salary in 2019 with other incentives making his cap hit over 26 million! To date Ryan has collected over 57 million dollars from Miami since being drafted in 2012.

There is a POTENTIAL OUT in 2019 with a $13,423,334 DEAD CAP hit! I suggest the Dolphins exercise their out!

Ryan Tannehill’s stats

5 Games
CMP% 65.9
YDS 972
TD 8
Rating 92.9

Brock Osweiler’s  contract is worth the league-minimum $775,000 ( He still was owed this year $15.25 million by the Browns who took on his contract from the Texans)

Brock Osweiler’s stats

5 Games
CMP% 63.5
YDS 1,247
TD’s 6
Rating 86.0

Look it’s time Miami get serious with the Quarterback position and I feel they should have put Ryan on I/R and moved on. He will have a very high probability of getting hurt again before season’s end.

Brock is not the answer either and now we are hopelessly awaiting  another disappointing season as Ryan’s play even before he was  injured was not where it should have been after 7 wasted season’s with him.

I project Miami to maybe win just 2 more games this season leaving them at 7-9 and right back to where they have wallowed the past 10 years stuck right in the middle of the draft in no position to get a top rated QB.

The Dolphins need to give up Future Picks, current players or whatever it takes to move up in the Draft to get one of these young QB’s projected to come out. Names like:

  • Daniel Jones, QB, Duke
  • Ryan Finley, QB, N.C. State
  • Clayton Thorson, QB, Northwestern

There are more needs this team must address but for this management team none more important than getting a top draft prospect QB in 2019  that is the only way they can possible convince owner Stephen Ross to not  start talking cleaning house if it’s not already too late. The Dolphins MUST get our future QB right in 2019!

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