Kenyon Drake Has Been Misused

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Even though I am happy for Frank Gore I still think it is a huge mistake to have allowed him to have as many touches as he’s had at the sacrifice of Kenyan Drake I Get It Frank Gore it’s a tough sob he runs hard he get you yards but the one thing Frank Gore does not possess is the ability to hit a homerun like Kenyan Drake can

I started out the season anticipating Kenyan Drake having a great year Miami offense having a weapon that they could utilize, if you get this kid 20-plus touches a game it’s no way he wouldn’t break out at least once or twice for home run hit and a quick score can easily change the way the game goes.

Before the season started I drafted Kenyan Drake early in my fantasy league anticipating him being a great number 2 running back, I’ve since dropped him because of his lack of use by Adam Gase.

Now I’m upset on two different levels the first level being how I feel the Dolphins have missed out on so many opportunities to have this kid affect the game by giving Frank Gore way too many carries.

I expected Frank Gore to be a backup slash potential change-of-pace maybe even short-yardage running back. Instead Adam has pounded this 35 year old running back throughout the season without a conscience and I’m pretty sure Frank Gore’s never going to complain cuz he’s that type of guy but I feel it’s been an abuse of both Frank Gore and Kenyan Drake.

I still feel that Miami should force Adam Gase to make some changes and one of the first changes that should be made that he needs to bring in a true offensive coordinator who can call the plays and run the offense and he also needs to evaluate whether or not he wants to continue on with Matt Burke as his defensive coordinator. Something has to change before the ultimate change of Adam Gase being fired.

I really like Adam Gase I just think that he’s making some mistakes that someone should overrule him on and I think with his mediocre record that gives Mike Tannenbaum a little more leverage over him to make changes.

Adam Gase is still a young coach both in age and at the position of head coach, he could use some good advice, good direction and guidance. I would like to have him around for quite a while but there are mistakes being made that can be corrected and hopefully avoided come next season if he’s still here.

It’s time for the Dolphins and this coach to rely more on the young players and develop them properly I still don’t understand how Cordrea Tankersley regressed from starting last year to being a 3rd or 4th string cornerback.

To me that’s a coaching issue that someone has dropped the ball in his development the same thing applies in the misuse of Kenyan Drake who is one of our best weapons on the team that has been relegated to essentially the back up to a 35 year old veteran soon-to-be-retired and in the Hall of Fame Frank Gore.

You cannot be upset with Frank Gore more so then be disappointed that Adam Gase has failed to utilize Kenyan Drake more this season. It takes one touch for this kid to go to the house and with the team having the problems of scoring that they have you would think they would use any means they have to put points on the board and Drake has proven he is a weapon.

It’s too late this season to make a change but hopefully after sitting back and reviewing this season the coaching staff will realize what a mistake that’s been made not utilizing Kenyan Drake more in the offensive game plan.

It continues to baffle me as to why Drake is not being given more touches.

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