Moving On From The Indefensible Ryan Tannehill

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Adam Gase has done all he could to support Ryan Tannehill since taking on the head coaching job in Miami. He has publicly backed his quarterback despite having no legitimate reason to do so. It still is the right thing to do because can you imagine the mess it would create if he publicly criticized his starting quarterback? I am pretty sure behind closed doors Adam Gase as well as the rest of Dolphins management realized that Ryan Tannehill’s days are numbered in Miami. After 7 wasted years in hoping in Ryan it is clear he is not the answer.

It goes beyond his injury issues that has continued to plague him for the past couple years, when he was considered healthy before this latest injury his play was not up to par (never have been) with his pay and the money that he is scheduled to make next season does not justify the Dolphins keeping him on the roster, it’s not just the money it’s his poor play as a quarterback that is the ultimate reason why Miami must move on from Ryan Tannehill this offseason. No restructuring his contract it’s time for a divorce!

I (like many of you) am expecting major changes at the quarterback position for the Miami Dolphins next season, the question is should that be the only change in Miami?

I know many are looking for change in either management or coaching in Miami. I still stand by my article in August anticipating having a bad season that some would be calling for heads to roll. I have no interest in changing management or coaching because one thing that I will give them credit for is it they’ve done a decent job in drafting we have some young talent on the team that continues to develop.

There also is a very good relationship between the head coach and management we no longer have that problematic dysfunctional backbiting situations we had when the late Tony Sparano and former head coach Joe Philbin were coaching the Dolphins. That label of being dysfunctional has been eliminated and that’s a good thing for Miami!

I still feel that any head coach deserves 5 to 10 years to put together the team that he envisions and the best route is always to try to build through the draft and plug in a free agent here or there to fill some holes, the Dolphins problem this year has been their lack of depth but what would you expect to have just three short years into Adam Gases’ tenure?

Instead of calling for the heads to roll, let’s sit back and let them continue to build on this team through the draft and hopefully have a little better success in free agency next year.

Sitting at 5 and 5 this season brings us back to the same old mediocrity of the past decade plus winning just enough games to not make the playoffs and put them too far down in the middle of the 2019 NFL Draft  to be able to take a top QB prospect.

This team is not even close to being a Super Bowl contender,  Miami needs to be creative and aggressive in seeking the next quarterback for the Dolphins. They should clean house all together at the QB position and even though I do appreciate Brock Osweiler’s efforts it is quite clear that he is not the quarterback of the future he still could be a good backup quarterback at best but Miami needs to bring in new blood at the position.

Some are suggesting Teddy Bridgewater as well as drafting a quarterback high,  hopefully the scouting department is on a full-court press in evaluating the rookie quarterback class coming up this year.

As for Ryan Tannehill there’s no defense for him anymore he is out of time it’s proven to be a mistake hoping in that guy and no one’s more disappointed than myself because I believe in him all way up until this year when I had high expectations for him but his play (when healthy) was no greater than his rookie season if you ask me. He lacks the mentality that most successful QB’s possess. He’s a great person but we need someone who’s mentally tough very competitive and unwilling to give up and I just don’t see that in Ryan Tannehill.

Ryan has made enough money off the Dolphins to have a secure life but Miami need not waste one more dime on this guy, it’s time to move on!

My writing will change towards the 2019 season it will be more about changes that need to be made within the roster to improve this team stay tuned…

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