Time To Blow Up The QB Position!


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Just like leaving your milk out in hot weather or it lasting in the frig past the expiration date Ryan Tannehill has spoiled on me and I am completely done with him. Brock Osweiler has done just as well at the position at the veteran minimum and has at least avoided the turnovers that Ryan had.

The fact is the Dolphins need to start from scratch and clean house at the QB position at seasons end. Ryan Tannehill is not worth the money he is slated to make in 2019 (18.7 million) and Brock Osweiler is not the answer.

Adam Gase has done a fine job of defending Ryan Tannehill but it is time for him to distance himself from Ryan if he values his career as the Dolphins coach. Now is the time to extend his job by Drafting a young QB slated to be a top prospect in the 2019 NFL Draft.

Miami’s scouting department should have orders to do a full court press on evaluating the 2019 QB class and come up with the player they want. Then this time Miami needs to do whatever they can to get into position to draft that player. Trade away future draft picks and/or current players on the team  to  move up in the draft.

The only position worth trading up for is the QB position and getting a young first round prospect would cure what has ailed Miami for over 20 years. The Dolphins have been their own worst enemy and have shot themselves in the foot these past 20 years by being a perennial .500 team because they have won just enough the miss out on top draft prospects but have not been good enough to make the playoffs and the two times the did make it to the playoffs they were quickly bounced out.

It’s time to stop this cycle as it appears the Dolphins are headed for another .500 or below season. Nothing else matter this year we don’t need a top RB, WR, TE OL, LB, DE, DT, CB ect.. prospect in the draft NOW is the time to do whatever it takes to get a top QB in the 2019 NFL draft.

Yes the Dolphins still need to get more help at other positions like the OL, CB, LB, DE but the gaping hole is at the QB position and I am all in in whatever they need to give up to get that position right!

I also remember former Packers GM Ron Wolf visited Miami recently and he told them exactly what I have been preaching for quite some time that Miami should be drafting QB’s every season in the (top 3 rounds IMO) even if we have found our franchise QB because I remember how Ron Wolf drafted QBs groomed them and traded them for draft picks despite have Brett Favre as his starter and did the Packers not draft Aaron Rodgers even with Brett  still playing at a Pro Bowl level?

  • 1992 Drafted Ty Detmer 9th round
  • 1993 Mark Brunell 5th round
  • 1995 Jay Barker 5th round
  • 1996 Kyle Wachholtz  7th round
  • 1997 Ron Mcada 7th round
  • 1998 Matt Hasselbeck 6th round
  • 1999 Aaron Brooks 4th round

In ten seasons with the Packers Ron Wolf drafted 7 QB’s and was able to trade a few of them for draft picks as he had his starter at QB but still drafted and groomed the QB position because that was the smart thing to do.

Have the Packers had QB problem ever since Ron Wolf traded for Brett Favre?

The Dolphins need to adopt that model starting in the next draft.

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