Tannehill Should Be Benched!

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Adam Gase needs to preserve his future in Miami if that is possible. He needs to bench Ryan Tannehill and bring in Brock Osweiler as the season and most likely his career as the head coach of Miami is slipping away.

Don’t get me wrong I DO NOT WANT A COACHING CHANGE in Miami but I gave up on Ryan Tannehill after week two of the season because I had seen enough after 7 years of waiting he is basically the same boring emotionally aloof player that seems clueless behind center and is taking the head coach and possibly VP or operations and defacto GM  Chris Grier with him.

The Tannehill ship is sinking and taking in a lot of water and it’s time for self preservation and throwing folks under the bus to save your job and most likely your career Adam Gase and even though you were right to back Ryan Tannehill to this point you must distance yourself from this loser and bring in the other loser you have as our backup QB Brock Osweiler.

Don’t forget Brock Osweiler was once the QB who Denver had in replace of Peyton Manning when he was injured in Denver and Osweiler played well enough to fool Houston into breaking the bank and swiping Brock away from John Elway and the Broncos.

Unfortunately for both Houston and Brock Osweiler things did not go well and Houston dumped their expensive mistake after one season. Brock after bouncing around for a while landed back with his former OC as Miami’s backup and despite some not wanting him here he is rightfully the backup and now deserves  a shot to fix the issue Miami has and the biggest issue is number 17 and his limited abilities and play.

I am so upset with myself for believing we had a shot with Ryan Tannehill as I excused his play and thought he would put it all together  somehow this season as if he could not do it now he never would.

Needless to say I have seen enough of him and thankfully hopefully Miami has too as there should be no way this guy suits up as Miami’s starter next year as they can opt out of Ryan’s contract and not lose a lot so he and Matt Moore can sit back and laugh and thank  Miami for squandering all the money they did on those two losers.

This team is good enough to win if their QB is not scoring points for our opponents or if he can at least be more accurate on his deep ball and despite folks dressing up numbers and stats that favor Tannehill the fact is he fails the smell and eye test and is officially FOOLS GOLD and needs to be benched, it’s time to pull the plug on Ryan NOW!!!!!

Miami needs to do their homework as the QB position will be their number one need to address this off season through both the Draft and Free Agency!


3 thoughts on “Tannehill Should Be Benched!”

  1. First of all thank you for your comment I really appreciate your input.
    With that being said we will have to agree to disagree on Ryan, I have been his biggest supporter but 7 years in he plays like a rookie in fact the rookie QB’s starting this year have a better feel than Ryan.

    I am not preaching that Osweiler is the answer more than saying Ryan is not. The Dolphins should not waste another snap on him IMO because much like Matt Moore, Ryan will never be able to beat the better teams and that is something we need to expect from our QB who is being paid like a franchise QB.

  2. Yup – a nicely written, poor analysis of a situation.
    Osweiler was good once – and hasn’t been since.

    Went 0-4 in Denver last year and couldn’t even beat
    Paxton Lynch or Trevor Siemian for the starting job there.
    And Osweiler’s completion percentage is far worse than Tannehill’s

    The Cincinnati game shows us what we are:
    A team that can’t run.
    A team that has no depth at OL.
    A team that can’t draft quality OL players. (Where’s Asiata?)
    A team who’s defense tires too easily.
    And a coach who can’t, or won’t make in game adjustments.
    When Tunsil went out – why didn’t we see more 2 TE sets to help the run and/or protection.)

    If you think its just bad QB play – you’re in for a rude awakening.

    Let this sink in:
    Blake Bortles 22 carries – 166 yards
    Kenyon Drake 39 carries – 153 yards

    We are a one dimensional team.
    No one fears our rushing attack

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