Dolphins @ Cincinnati: Review

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Meltdown in Cincinnati!!!

The Miami Dolphins Blew a 17 point lead and allowed Cincinnati to score 27 unanswered points on their way to an easy win against what is now a deflated Miami Dolphins team.

With injuries mounting up Miami have no answers as their depth on the roster is the same rejects that they have hung onto far too long. It was basically a tale of two halves as Miami looked like they were on their way to redeeming an embarrassing loss to New England a week ago only to once again in the last two quarters to embarrass themselves by blowing a 14 point lead and losing by 10 points.

Just when I thought  the Dolphins could do no worse they once again disappeared in the 2nd half of the game as Cincinnati started getting their momentum and Miami had no answers and laid down like a rug and let the Bengals walk all over them, you could tell the momentum was changing and the Dolphins were in trouble.

To make matters worse another injury to another starter exposed the backup player as Left Tackle Laremy Tunsil was out in concussion protocol and back up veteran tackle Sam “I can’t block a paper bag” Young was like a deer in the headlights and was taken advantage of and basically cost Miami the game.

Not to put all the blame on Sam Young our so-called tackle as Quarterback Ryan “Turnover Machine” Tannehill gifted two turnovers that resulted in two defensive TD’s. Ryan seems clueless and holds onto the ball too long and fails to protect the ball and that once again proved costly as the Bengals were all over Ryan and he failed to secure the ball and threw it into the hands of the defense on one play and fumbled the ball on another play both turned into 6 points apiece and the game was over.

Jakeem Grant was as the best player on the field as his special teams play and his punt return for a TD had Miami on top early but Miami was unable to hold on and mistakes, penalties and a bad call or two helped seal Miami fate but none more than Ryan Tannehill and his sloppy play.

The running game showed up as Gore and Drake both played well but once again they did not do enough running and the turnovers and getting behind in distance changed the game plan.

It was 17-3 going into the 3rd quarter and the offense imploded and put our Defense in bad situations the defense played well for most of the game but they too imploded late in the game thanks to our inept offense.

Needless to say the arrow for the Dolphins is pointing down as they are looking like the team many projected them to be and the lead on our division opponents is slipping fast and in a few weeks they might find themselves headed towards the basement.

These Dolphins have found more ways to frustrate an already frustrated fan base and I am not sure there is any relief in sight as injuries and weak wills and shotty QB play have caused this team to be the shame of South Florida.

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