TDS Rant: Still Steaming Over Blowout!!!!

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I had to let some time pass before I wrote this article because I wanted to get over being so upset this past Sunday at the loss to the Patriots. If you are regular follower and reader you may have noticed that I posted an article before the game about that very subject being blown out something that has happened at least once a season for the past 5 years.

Usually New England or the Ravens seem to blow the Dolphins out, the Ravens seem to be able to out physical Miami and this past Sunday head coach Adam Gase claimed that was the case with New England that they were more physical than Miami. (Late breaking news today the Dolphins have released Jordan Phillips) most likely because of his poor play in the game and maybe an attitude issue.

The first thing people like to do is pass the blame and it is easy to put the blame on just about anybody starting at the top: The Owner, VP of Operations, GM, Head Coach, Offensive and defensive coordinators but my target is on one person only Ryan Tannehill!

I have given up on Ryan Tannehill from this point forward! That was the game and this was the year he should have made a statement and he actually did. He STUNK and so I no longer support Ryan Tannehill he is weak and he lacks that mental and emotional toughness that the true winners at his position have.

I am officially looking at the next Draft as well as free agent QB’s and even feel Adam Gase should put him on notice that another poor outing like this past Sunday will cost him his guaranteed starting job and that Brock Osweiler will be allowed to compete for the starting job.

Even before that debacle this past Sunday I had concerns about Ryan’s play he was not playing good enough despite the Dolphins winning games he just did not look like a professional starting QB but like a backup QB at best and his play this past Sunday confirmed it.

Ryan’s play before this past Sunday was pedestrian at best and his play Sunday was high school level. He has a lot of people’s job on the line that trusted in him and if it were me I would start to distance myself from Ryan and look at replacing him. In fact Jordan Phillips is not the only one who should have been cut Tuesday.

Everyone wants to blame Adam Gase and he deserves a lot of the blame because he has backed Tannehill and now must suffer the consequences of that poor decision, he is supposed to be some QB whisperer and that would mean he should know what a good QB looks like and even before Sunday I was questioning Ryan’s play.

I am 100% sure that even before the end of the season at this stage I would not have a problem with them trying Brock Osweiler over Ryan Tannehill that’s how much I’ve given up on Ryan, you know me and my writing once I’m done with somebody I’m done and I tell you there is NOTHING Tannehill can do from this point forward to convince me he is the answer at QB for the Dolphins.

I’ve given every excuse in the book to back Ryan Tannehill over his Dolphins career but my eyes are clearly open now Tannehill does not have the temperament the personality or the makeup the be an elite quarterback, at the same time he’s being paid as an elite quarterback so something needs to change!

This was supposed to be the year and Ryan has ZERO excuses for his play and after 7 seasons of backing him it’s time to look elsewhere. Unfortunately we are stuck with this guy for the remainder of the season.

I just hope that there is not major purging of this teams management over the play of Tannehill that too would be unfortunate.

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