Sustainable Or Ready To Unravel?

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3 weeks into the season the Miami Dolphins find themselves undefeated and on top of the AFC East, for some this might be surprising but for me It is about what I expected.

I want to believe that this is really true and that the current Miami Dolphins will find a way to win against some of the better competition in the NFL.

In fact this week a dangerous New England team in Foxboro the 1-2 Patriots is desperately looking for a win. Are the Dolphins good enough to go into New England and pull off a rare win?

There are signs that they can win this game coming up as the Patriots are looking pretty beatable lately but this is a division game against a very dangerous team that can’t afford another loss.

This is the time to show the unbelievers that these Dolphins are for real. This is the time to kick New England when they are down. Will they do it?

Why they will

This Dolphins team is playing complimentary football the offense and defense is helping put together wins. It has not been perfect nor pretty at times but the outcome so far has Miami 3-0 headed into New England.

A scrappy young Defense is flying around making plays and avoiding giving up the big plays for the most part.

A healthy and often underappreciated Ryan Tannehill ( now 11 wins out of his last 12 games) is leading his team and making plays along the way. He is far from perfect but has done well enough to have this team 3-0 for now.

New England is favored in this upcoming game as they should be and the Dolphins are in great position to convince not only themselves but the rest of the doubting Thomas’s that they are to be reckoned with as they EARN the respect they deserve.

Nobody was giving the Dolphins respect with their preseason predictions of how Miami would fare this season but the Dolphins have forced them to change their minds in just the first 3 weeks of the season as some had predicted only a 3 win season for our Dolphins.

Even a loss in New England (I am not conceding a loss) this weekend could still get the Dolphins respect. It is more about how they lose if they should lose.

I expect a Hard-fought game keeping it close going into the 4th quarter and losing only by a few points would be just as good as a win for this young Dolphins team image.

A blowout on the other hand would put the naysayers back on their horses preaching gloom and doom for the Dolphins.

We sell see this Sunday if the Dolphins can sustain this exciting play or if they are lacking the cohesiveness and on the verge of unraveling like times past.

A win on the other hand would send shockwaves throughout the league and continue to send the Dolphins (Now 9th on TDS week 4 Power Rankings) closer to the top of all the national power rankings. This is the game for the Dolphins to make a statement that they are for real and the old Dolphins are the past.

Can’t wait!

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