Grading Ryan Tannehill Two Weeks in!

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Two games into a season that is critical for Ryan Tannehill and after 7 years of any and every excuse ever given, this is the time for Ryan to shine and even though it’s only two games I have a critical eye towards our Quarterback and so far I can honestly say he is not doing well enough!

Adam Gase has done the right thing in backing Ryan Tannehill completely but Ryan has been pedestrian at best and for the money invested so far and due him in the near future this is not what I expected. He is being paid FRANCHISE MONEY!

The training wheels are off and the fat lady is singing! Time for Ryan to show some signs that he has the ability to be elite! We don’t need the bumbling, stumbling turnover player that I have witnessed and hopefully there is a short curve and he will start playing as one of the better QB’s in the league because the way he is playing now will not be good enough to win against the better teams in the league who we will be facing very soon!

I don’t want to sugarcoat this anymore HE NEEDS TO DO BETTER! He is not throwing the ball well enough he is averaging 199 yards passing a game he is currently ranked 27th amongst QB’s in the league! His 4 TD’s have him tied for 7th in the league and his 2 int’s ranks him 22nd tied with a few other QB’s’.

It’s not just his numbers he is not passing the smell test or the eye test!

I know some of you might think I am crazy but I feel if his play continue to be pedestrian it’s time to look for Brock Osweiler to be given the opportunity to compete for the starting job. Hey look at the recent success of back up QB’s like Nick Foles and Ryan Fitzpatrick?

I have backed Ryan for these past 7 seasons always in his corner but for one brief moment when he was stinking up the joint early in his first season under Adam Gase. I also felt Miami was correct in not addressing the QB position in this past draft. But NO MATTER WHAT Miami NEEDS to draft a young QB for the future even if Ryan lights it up from this point forward.

I am not buying into this They are winning So why complain. Fact is I’ve seen this type of winning before it only last against the worst teams in the league we need someone who is in a position to play at a top level against top competition the rest of the team is pulling their weight it is time for Ryan To pull his weight NOW!

So my goal is to have a “weekly grading of Ryan’s Performance so far the best that he can get from me is a C+ for week one and a C for week 2.

After 7 years in the NFL this is unacceptable!

Time to DELIVER Ryan!!!!

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