Speed To Burn!


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You will not see me throw Jarvis Landry under the bus because I do miss him as he was drafted and got his success as a Dolphin and I wish him nothing but the best.

With that being said I can’t help but be excited with the receiving group we have Despite my continued frustration with DeVante Parker. The one thing Albert Wilson, Kenny Stills and Jakeem Grant posses that Jarvis lacked is speed and plenty of it!

Albert Wilson was timed as low as 4.28 and as high as 4.49 coming out of college. Kenny Stills was clocked at 4.38 coming out of college, and Jakeem Grant was rumored to have run a 4.13 (40) on the low-end and officially 4.34. I am still waiting for them to settle who is the fastest!!!!


I delibertly left out what is the most talented WR on the team who is at least 3-12 inches taller than the others in the group. (6′-3″ 4.3 low 40 time)

Needless to say they are all fast and as a group they just may be the fastest in the NFL. Speed is the one thing you cannot teach you either have it or not, some can improve on their speed but when you are talking low 4’s it a small group and 4.1??? That is record-breaking time. The good thing that goes along with their speed is they all have good hands.

Imagine if Jarvis (4.77 /40 time ) had that speed with the many balls he caught in the past 4 seasons in Miami? He would have scored more than 22 TD in his 4 seasons in Miami and 9 of them were in his last year.

Jarvis posseses the other intangibles that you want in your receivers Heart, Passion and a desire to win. His lack of speed is the only thing that prevented him from truly being elite. Because if he were a threat to take it to the house anytime he caught the ball on the field like his best friend and top paid reciever in the NFL Odell Beckham ( 4.34 /40 time)who had 38 touchdowns in essentiually 3 seasons because he missed most of his games in 2017 only starting in 2 games that aseason. Jarvis with that speed would still dawn a Dolphins uniform and may just be the top paid reciever in the game.

The point is Miami now have 3 WR’s with sub 4.4 speed who when they are on the field they can take it to the house at any point like Jakeem Grant’s  punt return for a TD this past Sunday and Kenny Stills 75 yard TD reception in the same game as he ran past his defender and Rtyan Tannehill hit him in stride.

But there is more!

Kenyon Drake also posses 4.4 speed and he too can take it to the house.

Look for (If Things Go Right) this speed to burn that Miami posses on offense to produce big plays and hoprfully more backbreaking plays like this past Sunday as Miami’s offense races it’s way through the season!

This team is loaded with speed and that is a very good asset to have to be able to strike at any time!

Oh, I did not even talk about the speed on the other side of the ball….yet!

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