Miami Dolphins Vs Tennessee Titans Review

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This was our opportunity to see what the 2018-19 Miami Dolphins and in particular Ryan Tannehill looked like. This was a game of delays as it thundered and lightning throughout the day causing a 4 hour delay this was the longest game from start to finish (7 hours and 11 minutes) in NFL history. Despite the delays this was a very good game.

The Titans (a playoff team last season) was held in check by the Dolphins who played well against the Titans. The defense looked very good and the offense looked impressive as well, this was a very hard-fought game and with the distractions of the whether it was a game that Miami needed.

Jakeem Grant early in the 4th quarter took a return 102 yards to the house to break a 10-10 tie game to put the Dolphins up by a touchdown the Dolphins go up by two touchdowns when Tannehill hits Kenny Stills for a long pass.

The Titans not to be undone had a return punt for a touchdown and gets within one touchdown away making the score 24-17 Miami.

The game was costly for Tennessee as they lost their starting Quarterback, Taylor Lewan and TE Delanie Walker who might be the most serious injury of them all.

The one area that Miami failed to deliver was our much hyped pass rush if I am correct we had ZERO sacks in the game.

The play calling on offense was both balanced and done well hopefully that will quiet me from my call for Gase to relinquish the play calling for now… 🙂

This was a very entertaining game and one well fought and a much-needed and deserved win. There are some things to clean up but I though Miami did well and earned this win.

On my own personal selfish note I was somewhat torn on the way Miami used the RB’s I am happy that Frank Gore contributed and did a very good job but from a fantasy perspective I used Drake as my flex player on all of my teams as I drafted him early expecting him to get 20 carries a game I must revaluate my strategy regarding Drake as it is quite apparent that Frank Gore will get a lot of touches.

Miami’s rushing attack was very good and I hope they keep it up because that is the way you win. Long sustained drives also helped in Miami’s win. Ryan Tannehill played good not great and needs to do better as the fade pass to rookie TE Mike Gesicki was poorly thrown for an easy interception. He also threw another interception when he poorly overthrew his target for another easy pick.

I expect better from Ryan he is a 7 year veteran who has had more than enough time to step up and deliver and his passing game was just average at best!

On Defense Reshad Jones proved why he is one of the top Safeties in the game as he was in beast mode making plays all over the field also getting an int! Minkah Fitzpatrick also played well and he too was in beast mode.

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