Should Dowell Loggains Call The Plays?

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One of the issues I had last year was the play calling of Adam Gase in fact I wrote an article requesting that he fire himself the struggles from the offensive side of the ball last season had much to do with poor play calling IMO and it seemed no adjustments were made in games to compensate when whatever game plan they had in place was not working.

Clyde Christensen took the fall and was displaced as our NON PLAYCALLING OC and in comes Dowell Loggains the new NON PLAYCALLING OC. It is really rare that the OC does not call the plays as most head coaches have so much on their plate to care for that calling the plays during the games is not something most head coaches do.

Adam Gase has decided that he wants to call the plays and that in itself limits who would be willing to take the job as OC as most OC’s expect to have those duties and rightfully so because they can focus 100% of their time solely on game planning for the weeks opponent. Can that be said of a head coach? The head coach is responsible for everything offense, Defense and special teams and dealing with all issues football and non football related as well as every player on his roster, the media, meeting with upper management and so on.

It just seems more reasonable to just defer the duties of play calling to the person that typically does it the OC. I know I do not put much stock into preseason games but did you realize that the only time the Dolphins actually both looked good and won a game was the last game of the preseason and is it just coincidental that Adam Gase let Dowell Loggains call the game?

I hope that if the Dolphins offense starts off slow and struggling in the early games that before they throw Ryan Tannehill under the bus that maybe the head coach will at least consider relinquishing his duties as play caller and give it to the guy who should be calling the plays the designated OC Dowell Loggains.

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