Who Are The Stars? (Fading & Rising)

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If you were to get away from the city lights and go to the country or camping in the woods you can look up at the sky and go stargazing at night, you will see the countless stars that light up the sky and if it is a clear night you will see countless numbers of planets as well as our 2nd brightest luminary the Moon.

If you go stargazing on the current Dolphins roster you will be hard pressed to find a dwarf star as the Dolphins have purged their roster this past off-season of their stars and most expensive players (no coincidence).

No I’m not a star-gazer; well I guess I can say I was this past offseason as all the stars from the Dolphins team fell from heaven or were thrown overboard. Where are the stars and who are the Star players for the Dolphins right now?

Looking at the roster you can probably name only 3 star players and all 3 are older players. (Fading Stars)

Gone are two huge stars for this team from last year as Ndamukong Suh and Jarvis Landry were sent packing.

Now having star  players can sometimes be overrated and looking at the 6-10 record last season who can argue with management for purging the roster of high (Suh) and potentially high (Landry) salaries?

The one thing that I feel has gone relatively well under the current management is the Draft. The Dolphins are building a solid team through the draft but unfortunately it’s hard for the average fan to be patient enough to allow sufficient time for the process to come to completion.

What the Dolphins have now are solid young draft picks that we’re hoping will become the new stars of the future. They also have players that have been here about 4 to 5 years that we are still waiting to arrive and prove their worth, Young Veterans such as Jordan Phillips and DeVante Parker.

Miami have a bunch of young players with potential and as this season unfolds we’ll start to see what ones will separate themselves and become star players here is a list of the young potential that we’ve drafted the last couple years, including the 2018 draft the question is, is this the year their star will shine?

These are the potential future stars on this roster and I am looking forward towards the season to see which one will actually step up and shine! The Dolphins are stocking the team with young talented players and all we are waiting for is that light to come on and they shine as bright as the Sun.

I am hoping that this is the season and Miami will have a young team full of rising stars and a very bright future in the NFL.

Go Miami!

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