Leonte Carroo Cut!

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In the 2016 NFL Draft Miami traded back in the 3rd round with the Minnesota Vikings (86th pick overall) and gave up their 6th rounder, and our 3rd and 4th round picks in 2017 for WR Leonte Carroo out of Rutgers University at the time I was very shocked and was totally against the trade because Miami had a very talented WR core and greater needs but Chris Grier is a huge believer in drafting players regardless of position of need.

Leonte Carroo is the perfect example as to why that philosophy is not the best IMHO and even this last draft they stuck with a similar decision in drafting Minkah Fitzpatrick over what truly was a greater need and leaving LB Tremaine Edmunds who was both a need and had the size and speed for the MLB that Miami still lacks. (More on that in a future article)

Back to Leonte Carroo who was needed like the Dolphins needed a hole in their heads and to give up draft picks that year and the next I thought we had the next Jerry Rice on the roster.

Now in no way am I blaming Carroo nor Fitzpatrick for being drafted by Miami and in Carroo’s case being a bust for the Dolphins and we have yet to see the future for Minkah but one thing was for sure Safety was not a huge need especially considering the glaring need at the LB position.

Listen I do like Grier and I am sure he is doing what he thinks is best for the team but before his draft strategy of taking the BPA you need to make sure you have all your holes plugged and only time will tell but I feel Tremaine Edmunds who Buffalo hurry up and traded back into round one after they too were probably thinking Miami was going to draft the LB will eventually prove to be the pick the Dolphins should have gone with in hindsight.

You need look no further than the 2016 draft when Miami wasted current and future picks that year on a player they had high hopes for but did not need as Miami needed to draft heavily on the defensive side of the ball even back then.

So Miami quietly pushed Carroo out the door ending one of the worst draft decisions ever made by this current regime.

I know they will never stop drafting the way they have but I also know that this team is not that stocked that they can have such a luxury to just draft TBPA with each and every pick. The need to plug holes should supersede taking a player especially early in the draft at a position of lesser need.


Miami signed Carroo to the practice squad for now.

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