Brock Osweiler Was The Best Choice From The Start!

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I am not sure why the media make certain players their darling player that they want to will onto the Dolphins roster Matt Moore for years was that guy no matter how worthless I felt he was the Media and many Dolphins fans bought into that wasted player and Miami paid heavily for Matt Moore in more than monetary means.

Matt Moore did not help Ryan Tannehill and in many ways hurt him. I firmly believe that a backup QB should be a player who should not only want the starting job but will fight like hell and be very upset if he was not the starter. Backups should be legitimate competition to the starter especially a starter like Ryan Tannehill who has yet to live up to being a top starter in the league.

The latest media darling is another waste at backup QB David Fales, I do not get this one as he has ZERO chance to become a legitimate NFL starting QB and why the Dolphins decided to keep both Fales and Osweiler on the final 53 man roster is just strange.

Brock Osweiler is by far the more accomplished of the two and has the bigger upside. Brock fell on his face after leaving Denver and signing a 4 year, $72 million dollar contract that included $37 million in guaranteed money.

It took one season for the Texans to realize that it was a huge mistake to getting Brock and in a surprising move dumped him to Cleveland the Texans basically paid the Browns a premium draft pick to take Osweiler and his contract off their hands. In the deal, Cleveland picked up Osweiler, a 2018 second-round pick and a 2017 sixth-round pick while only giving up a 2017 fourth-round pick. Of course, there was one huge downside to adding Osweiler: It put the Browns on the hook for his 2017 guaranteed salary of $16 million. Six months after trading for Brock Osweiler, the Cleveland Browns cut him.

Brock has been through some very rough times but one thing is for sure he has some potential and despite the premature departure from Denver (a huge mistake) Brock can spend this season hopefully backing up Tannehill and rebounding from the past few seasons and restore his credibility (If Miami keeps him).

I like that Brock is our backup QB and only wish he was given a chance to push for the starting job because that is exactly what Ryan Tannehill needs is to be pushed for his job and David Fales is not the answer!

What I do not like is the wasted roster spot given to David Fales as there were players more worthy of a roster spot than the 3rd string QB who has proven nothing in his professional career.

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