Ravens 27 Miami 10

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The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Once again I preference this mini rant by saying it’s preseason and if you were expecting much from a preseason game well you obviously don’t understand that it is just a hyped up money-making practice that is there to benefit the owners.

It started out like watching the keystone cops when Ryan Tannehill against the Ravens 2nd team units bumbled and stumbled and lost the ball as some used the excuse that the ball was wet. Well the only problem is nobody else seemed to have that issue.

As you know I have no more excuses nor patience for Ryan Tannehill I am not happy with his play, he has failed to deliver for this team and get the team into the end zone but for one time, and that took about three possessions and that extra effort from Danny Amendola to finally get things going in what should be Tannehill’s last preseason game .

Slow starts will kill this team and with all the time Ryan has had in this system, even being able to sit back and watch the team all last season I expected a faster start out of the gate even if it is just preseason.

The Dolphins have put all their eggs in Tannehill’s basket (more on that in a few) and this team needs him to play like he’s been very well paid. TIME IS UP! He needs to step up and deliver or his career as a Dolphins starter and possibly a starter in the NFL is done! Ryan’s performance goes under the UGLY category.

Kenyon Drake is a weapon and if he can sty healthy and they use him the right way he is a future top RB in the NFL and a RISING STAR. I loved this kid ever since he was drafted and even when Jay Ajayi was our starter I was questioning whether Drake with the better speed was not the better option long-term.

I am excited about the potential Drake has and what a weapon he can be for this team and look forward to this rising star’s development even in preseason he has run and caught the ball very well and he is just scratching the surface. He goes under the GOOD category.

After ROASTING defensive coordinator Matt Burke in my last article  it was refreshing to see Miami’s Defense do a better job against the Ravens even though it was mostly their 2nd team units as their starters were held back from this game so let’s not get too excited about our defensive performance but they did play well. They also go under the GOOD category.

The TRULY UGLY was the play of the 2nd and 3rd team units and in particular both Quarter Backs vying for the backup role on this team. Miami has a HUGE problem as both QB’s sucked so bad and mind you they were playing against the Ravens 2nd and 3rd units so that is even more disturbing if you think about it.

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